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9/22/2018 9:33:25 AM

Ernesto Tabujara III During our time for our education we relied upon scholarly books and published writings. While looking back we may say that knowledge was thus limited to few authors who had credibility and reputation, at least at that time there was some sense of editorial fact checking and academic imprimatur before these writings and books were released to students and the reading public. Today in this so-called age of information, while we are blessed with instant research and answers with the click of a button, the flipside is that there is a prevalence of nonsense and trash that is fed to the minds of people. Pseudo journalists and quasi intellectuals now rule the internet, e.g. mocha uson, et al. Although intelligent and thinking people can see through all the nonsense, less cerebral people and younger millennials who constitute the majority now, can actually fall prey to and believe the nonsense and form warped judgments. I am a fan of the internet, but I know also its limitations. That is why we are in the situation we are in now - which is disaster - because of "populism", which is another way of referring to the phenomenon of gullible people believing everything that they read or watch on the internet, hook line and sinker, fake news and all, without thinking.



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