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10/19/2018 7:24:10 PM

The Cruel World of Juan de la Cruz

Sadly, this is his life.

Many have written about his plight but no one has come to help him.

But who is Juan de la Cruz? Is he the farmer that pops into mind when you hear the name, or is he the well-groomed man going to work in his short-sleeved white shirt and black trousers? The students, perhaps, from the many universities who could make a dent politically?

Actually, Juan de la Cruz is all of them: the rich, the middle class and the poor – the very poor. But who among the ones mentioned actually get people elected into office?

I’ve read none of them do. That it’s the oligarchs - the ones who control the economy and the media – who decide who should rule, who will be ruled, and who would define the fate for Juan de la Cruz.

But I think it’s the poor, or so-called ‘bakya crowd,’ who hold the key. They make up the majority and are the most gullible.

Proof? Erap won because of them. So, poor and unsophisticated as they may be, they make presidents!

You can’t say it’s the oligarchs because it would take a lot to change million of votes into a tick for a certain candidate. (Unless you’re in cahoots with the election officials which makes it is less likely to happen.) It’s said that the poor have no time to understand the intricacies of politics to make a sound judgment – they’re more concern about putting food on the table. So this makes it ripe for political candidates to buy their votes and their wives sing to the folk - and for their cuteness - get a nod from the adoring crowd. Or transport voters, after lining their pockets with a few hundred pesos, to friendly polling places to cast their ballots. Then add an uncontrolled population explosion, you get more and more Juan de la Cruzes.

What about the students? You can’t say they don’t know the issues because the country is highly educated, so they should know. Unfortunately for them, though, they don’t have the resources to alter the outcome of an election.

And the media? They often romanticize and write about the poor and offer suggestions to help them. That’s fine, but who reads them, and how influential are they? They could just be some bleeding-hearts who only tell you what you want to hear. As the Fourth Estate, how much self-interests do they really have in the scheme of things?

Sometimes I wonder how they manage to write for their readers and the oligarchs who own the media they write in.

Finally, when the same people or names get elected election after election, you know who’s doing the voting.

Juan de la Cruz.

Until Juan gets out of this vicious cycle, and a real leader emerges from the midst – one who has no vested interests and is beyond reproach - and the political landscape matures, Juan de la Cruz will continue to live the nightmare that he is condemned to repeat.



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