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11/1/2018 7:31:47 AM


1. Suck a woman's breast and the balance of her feminine cardiovascular system will awake. When men suck women's breasts in a minute, the women's heart can increase up to 110 beats / minutes. This can be a good exercise for heart health.

2. Suck a woman's breast to make her weight more stable, and even reduced. A woman's breast sucked for 3 minutes can burn fat of about 12 calories.

3. Don't hesitate to get your tits sucked for smoother facial skin. Sucked breasts, move more than 30 facial muscles, useful to increase blood flow in facial skin.

4. All this time, sucking women's breasts is considered a less polite / taboo thing. But in fact sucking women's breasts can make women younger in looks, a natural drug that stimulates the immune system, resulting from the production of antibodies. This process is called cross-Imunoterapi.

5. Usually, women breath faster when their breasts are sucked - they inhale and exhale 60 times in a minute compared to the normal 20 times every minute. This will prevent or cure a variety of disorders.

6. When women's breasts are sucked for over 5 minutes, their body becomes more relaxed and produces a chemical chain that will destroy a variety of hormones that cause stress.

7. The habit of sucking breast in the morning, when waking up for 3 minutes, will help prevent breast cancer.

- by Dr.Boyke Dian Nugraha SpOG



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