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12/2/2018 8:26:23 AM

In a country where religion holds sway, the church is an essential and pivotal bulwark against abusive dictators. In Serbia, dictator Slovodan Milosevic fell from power when the Orthodox Church finally joined the populace in their demonstrations against the butcher Slovodan. In the Philippines, F Marcos and Erap fell from power when Cardinal Sin, with the church behind him, supported the people against the oppressive leaders. The Church is a sleeping tiger right now, led by an apolitical, milksoppy and ascetic mystic as Archbishop of Manila. No matter how much Ka Digong kicks the butt of the slumbering tiger, it seems it is not willing to roar. But appearances are deceiving. Because there’s a limit to the patience of anybody. Even pliant dogs , if cornered, bare their fangs against a cruel , threatening and violent master. Rest assured, our bishops are bidding their time, as has been their wont, like when Erap called them “ lunatics” for opposing his charter-change proposals. They will surgically pounce to excise the cancer from the body politic at the right time and place. The tipping point is sure to come under the laws of Karma. And when God’s Justice descends, the caitiff dictator won’t even comprehend what hit him suddenly. Pray more. There is a time for His divine reckoning. Without his bodyguards, Pdutz is a decrepit old man, like Erap and F Marcos were when the AFP deserted them. DAQN AMOSIN 12/1/18



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