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5/21/2019 5:32:00 AM


A Parable:

It came to pass that after Adam and Eve had been expelled by the Lord God from the Garden of Eden, they wandered all over the earth, hoping to discover a reasonably comfortable area in which to settle down. After a long and arduous search through one desolate area after another, they finally came upon a patch of earth that seemed hospitable, containing rich soil, water to irrigate, and plenty of trees. And so they settled down, and they tilled the soil, and they grew their food with the sweat of their brows. Also they had children and, before long, the world began to populate at a rapid rate. It turned out to be a good life for Adam and Eve.

Over the years, they became well-known for their generosity and hospitality, and they were venerated in their old age by all who knew them. In short, Adam and Eve were quite content with the way things had gone. They had accumulated neither too much nor too little, and they wanted nothing they did not need.

One evening, after a long day in the fields, they were sitting together outside their little house, watching a glorious sunset. Adam turned to Eve and said, "Eve, I think God was wrong at the very beginning by putting us in Paradise where everything was given to us without toil. We were meant to live where we must struggle and sweat, where we must develop and grow, where we must strive and hope, where we must live and die. This is how we humans should live.

Adam became so caught up in his own wisdom that he shook his fist toward Heaven and cried out, "God, you were wrong!"

And God smiled.



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