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5/13/2006 9:27:48 PM

One of God's greatest creations is that of a woman.
She is an awesome example of radiance, magnificence
And stunning beauty.
She is your mother, grandmother, wife, sister, aunt or friend-
Always manifesting elegance and confidence that only she can convey.

The world would be an empty place of existence
Without the touch of a woman…
Who would mend your first broken heart?
Who would chase your fears away?
The world is a much better place
Because of a woman's true inner being…
One of courage, determination and that of pure grace.

Be thankful for all of the positive women in your life,
For somewhere along the way …
They prayed for you-
Stayed when others left you-
Comforted you-
Held on when no one else believed in you-
Took pride in you-
Never lied to you-
Respected and protected you-
Nurtured and never forsake you-

Who could not love, honor and respect
A person who would give their all to you?
Let us honor all women not just on this day, but every day-
For some woman, somewhere has loved, honored and respected you …

Why not thank Him for one of his greatest creations?
For if it were not in His divine plan and some woman's caring heart-
There would be no you or I,
So, why not thank God for women?



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