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5/15/2006 8:53:14 PM

There are several times in a person’s life when
parents can be especially difficult to deal with:

1. When a child is making educational and vocational
choices. Often there comes a conflict between what the
parents believe is God’s will for the child and what
the child believes is God’s will for his or her
future. The parent should pray for God to give the
child that sense of direction. We must not seek to
fulfill our dreams through our children. We must put
our children in the hands of God and trust Him to lead
and guide them.

2. When a child is choosing a mate. It is very
difficult for a young man or young woman when facing
parental opposition to the person he or she has chosen
as a mate, especially when that person is a Christian
and otherwise well-suited to him or her. Parental
input is an important part of mate selection, but, if
the child is an adult, the decision must ultimately be
left up to the child.

3. When a child is making wedding plans. Mothers are
especially difficult. I have seen more than one bride
in tears trying to please her mother and her fiancé’s
mother. Let your daughter have her wedding. Affirm her
plans and let it be her day.

4. When young people want to reconcile with their
parents. Some young people take the long way around,
but eventually want to reconcile with their parents.
Sometimes parents have long memories and are not quick
to forgive. Remember the prodigal’s father and seek to
emulate his ideal.

5. When parents need care in their later years.
Parents can be difficult to deal with as their health
begins to fail in later years. God wants to help you
through this with His love and grace. Be sure you have
gone the second mile before you lose your patience.
After all, one day, your children will be caring for



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