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5/15/2006 8:54:01 PM

Most in-laws are very supportive of marriages. But
some types of marriages are predisposed to have in-law

Marriages that involve an only child. These are more
likely to have problems with in-laws than when the
spouse has brothers and sisters.

Marriages that include the “baby” boy or “baby” girl.
The “baby” is the last child to leave home and causes
the same stress of loss as the only child.

There also are times in a marriage when in-law
problems are more likely:

1. During the first 2 years, when the couple are
adjusting to the differences between single and
married life. A healthy couple are not going to reveal
each other’s faults to their parents.

2. When the first child is born. The temptation is
greatest when that child is the first grandchild, for
usually the wife’s mother comes to help her and stays
too long.

3. When there is an affair or someone in the marriage
is unfaithful. Because parents tend to be
over-invested in their child’s marriage, they often
encourage the child to leave the spouse. Wise parents
will provide loving support to their child.

4. When children are required to take care of their
parents. A couple should anticipate this time in their
marriage long before it happens and determine not to
commit themselves to do more for one set of parents
than the other.



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