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5/19/2006 12:15:06 AM

Atop the sunny hills of southern california sits the Beligan Estate belonging to none other than our senior brod Leo Beligan '65. Earlier this week I, Ryan Reyes '01, and Oscar Tan '02, had the distinct pleasure of being welcomed into the Beligan home. It must be said that we were very impressed. We came to Southern California just to see the sights but we came away with much more than that. More than the shopping trips to Beverly Hills, being treated to $600 shoes, cruising down Sunset Boulevard in a Porsche and eating at L.A.s trediest asian fusion cuisine restaurants; what was most enjoyable was watching a golden California sunset with our Senior Brod Leo at his estate which has a gorgeous view of the L.A. area. The hospitality extended to us by Leo was truly amazing given that we are more than 30 years his junior. What's more is that Leo extends this invitation and welcome to all brods who visti Southern California.

We would also like to thank former Grand Archon John Siazon for showing us that California is truly a melting pot of different races and that international harmony and unity is possible if we only try. Thanks for helping us understand more fully one word in the international language of the brods: ek-chi.
Also the invitation offered by Jason Corpus '65 to watch a Clippers game is still open, as we had to tentatively reset it for the end of the month so that more brods can come along.

To all our Senior Brods in Southern California, thank you for the warm welcome extended to us junior brods.

Ryan Reyes '01



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