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my castle
8/4/2006 5:34:09 AM

castle i used to see
beautiful garden
i used to play
picking flowers
wasn't my forte
but i did pick some
for the little charm

sunset is sad to reach
can't swim; they close beach
nocturnal creatures abound
converging to magic sound
sipping the sweetness of wine
gyrating, screaming, having fun
wish i did, my lovely one


8/14/2006 5:34:22 PM

ay kasla maangsan a rikna
kasla ka maipalladaw diyay tengga
ungor,todo,ginginned,apoy;apo aya
dataman tay lugan ken buya

angkaling-etanak pay di nalpas
kunak manno adu pay nga mapalabas
ngem nubenta met a segundo
a kasla runawen na ti kinnanmo

katakatawaannak tay balasangko
isu ti kinalugan ko
"you're doing good dad"
"mummy's revenge not bad"

manonton dalan
10/15/2006 3:26:09 AM

ay apo met aya!

napanak man nagpa-abagatan
nakidanggay kadagiti kailian
adda simmurot ngem diyak sinungbatan
ipilit na met nga siak tay nayaw-awan

kasat no met nga siak daydi
maysaak met la a tao ti sulsuli
nga addaan ti sirib nga agsurat
nga agay-ayos kadagitoy nga urat

no maminsan kaslaak pay maarriyek
agmaga ti karabukob ko; aguyek
ngem intutured kola ketdi
maysa nga agsasaiddek ti rabii

10/20/2006 6:29:42 PM

kasangsangpet ko unay
naggapu-ak idiay baybay
kunak man no maulawak
ngem asin nagyan darak

maayatan dagiti kailian
adu dagiti taga karayan
bosing nga bosing met piman
wen kunak;iggem da pannangan

sinalusod ko no adda kilawen
adda; uray sili nga inartem
adda met darakkel nga tirem
ken karni nga natangtangken

no bigat apanak agpasurong
diay dc ak agturong
sakbay agawid virginia
daytoy bagi aginana

berting nagasat ka ta baket sigurado nga
di kumpet; agparparikna la data.
wen manang sherma ur-urayek tay tira.
adda met bassit ipayapros ko kadagiti
nadungngo nga ima.
Diyos ti agngina kakabsat nasalung-at
pay met ti bagbagi.

manonton dalan
10/24/2006 8:47:09 PM

agyamanak manang ta adda ka
a mangipasangpet ti napukray a rikna
no tugi kunada ket apo unay sam-it
no kaliem annadam dagiti sisiit

wen anos latta ti biag manangko
ngem dika madidigra; agrayo
mapuros mo dan to ti bunga
agkakapintas; makaliwlwa

manonton dalan
10/27/2006 12:18:28 PM

wake so refresh
blooming for a kiss
called her name twice
no answer but a breeze
from the morning sea
and a dolphin chasing me

step down the galley
to sip my morning tea
happy to see; live tv
look at that; st louie

manonton dalan
10/28/2006 4:51:47 AM

bird has prevailed to sing
feline could roar past spring
rejoice fellow sports nuts
i'll go practice my shots
closer to that hole on the green
then i'll roll it clean

manonton dalan
10/29/2006 12:24:29 PM

just came from green journey
enjoyed every moment; very happy
chances of getting bird flew
tomorrow is another i know
there are few more warm days
so i definitely not miss
am i forgetting lots of things
forgive me not;i didn't break any strings

Adrian Pagaduan
11/15/2006 2:42:05 PM

uray la agarubos dagiti luwak
ti pigsa ti tudo, bayakabak
nabaliktad pay tay payong ko
nauper amin a luplupot ko

ngem kasi ni Apo
nakasangpetak diay gianko
nga adtoyak manen, gagayyem ko
makidangdanggay kadakayo

Adrian Pagaduan
3/11/2007 2:00:32 AM

dagiti agtatayab nagasat
adu manen ti diro ti ayat
nanamen da ken agpakauma
ngem kasla ubbog a rumsua

kasta met kadagiti kumakarayam
adu met dagiti maregreg a mananam
isu nga, uray sadino ka man
gasat ti biag dika mabisinan

4/3/2007 7:34:14 PM

can you see

buds bloom and fall
fruit flourish in full
tease by gentle breeze
beneath lovely sun rays

so many eyes could see
offer praises, should be
keep growing in luster
carng hand harvest later

manonton dalan
5/5/2007 4:03:22 AM


gone were the bare branches
white patches;snow in crevices
chilling morning; breezy day
ginger steps along the way

leaves glitter to sun kisses
rustle to tempo of wind hizzes
time when the calmness come
melody of birds songs swarm

smell of fresh flower blooms
lingering like sifting combs
budding feelings caress by dew
succomb to tenderness of you

manonton dalan
5/5/2007 4:07:42 AM

beauty of life

rolling cliffs studded with trees
so beautiful, my mind is at ease
ground sprinkled with frozen snow
with the rays of the sun, it glow
flowering trees partly hiddden
like flowing hair of a maiden
white, red, violet, pink, purple
among leafless trees in multipe
shadow feeding on a green grass
unmindful with cars that pass
not an osprey circling up above
searching a prey they always love

i ponder with all this beauty
as i streak through this valley
brings back memories with my kids
watching those giant eating weeds
so happy pointing whatever they see
now in school, can't come with me
beautiful moments in my heart i keep
even though sometimes i weep
after, i feel so much refresh
beauty of life, we do miss

manonton dalan
5/9/2007 8:58:30 AM

so calm i could paint my face

silvery ripples against the moon
reflecting to the boat i'm on
shadow of me stretching to taichi
relaxing mind, strengthening body
could smell breeze from shore
sweet fragrance from roses pure

marveling beauty in the dark
flickering lights on the banks
lovers behind those sleepy palms
loving it until daylight comes
as the crickets sing their melodies
keeping me company with my memories

manonton dalan
5/9/2007 9:02:10 AM

sand in my eye

fireflies crawling on satin
vibrating to lonesome hymn
from the castle dust fall
hasten by restless soul

would it rain nor thunder
to the soft sounds of shackle
should the sparkles; prayers
let the dove of its marvels

mercy from the blade; sword
regrets; flesh been devoured
flicker of light up above
patiently watching night sob

5/13/2007 11:32:29 AM

happy mother's day "inang"

for a moment of a beautiful day
i'm picturing who you are to me
i can't keep myself from smiling
great days; it's really inspiring

i remember the buri tales
between bonding rice bales
we have good laugh at it
tiredness we soon forget

your love is second to none
everybody thought you're magician
very persistent, patient everyday
i wish i will be like you someday

you're always in my mind
especially when storms come
i'm wary you're laughing at me
your son; what else could i be

... my very proud mother;
she doesn't like free b. she never
beg for anything. i did a lot of things
that made her cry but she always end up
with smile. i always thought women are
like you are... they ain't. im trying
to make you proud of your grand kids.
darwin could be right??? tears are falling. happy mother's
day inang and ALL OF YOU MOTHERS.

5/29/2007 1:55:47 AM

n deep inside me

melody; strumming strings
soft sweet voices sings
tears overflowing eyes
cradles mystic time flies

love make as truly one
silence we understand
healing in shelter done
reaching hands to bond

growing petals in the dark
absence of colors but sharp
to the gentle touch pass
desire;craving what it was

6/3/2007 2:39:49 AM

silip sa kabihasnan

namumusilak ang parang
pangarap na nakalimutan
mga talulot naglilipana
pagdiriwang ng pagbubunga

makinis na talampakan
humahalik sa lupang yaman
naglalambing himig, pag-awit
nakakahumaling sa pagdinig

pusong nagagalak sa pagmamahal
timping pagsasalita, nauutal
nilulunod ng mainit na akap
kitangkita ng araw na sumisikat

6/7/2007 9:22:05 PM

quiet moments

tears has fallen lately
hours of sadness pass away
hoping for a brighter day
to heal and be very happy

i visited my garden today
took pictures of beauty
i enjoyed fragrance as well
excitement is always there

theres a place i wanted to go
so beautiful theres no snow
perhaps, they really do
and i truly miss them too

6/8/2007 10:00:27 PM

you're pretty

walking on manicured green
searching for my friends
i found orphans on the rough
some are pretty,some has cuts

lake; i saw wrestling fishes
getting rough, making noises
not for love but spawning time
just depart after they're done

turtles floating blocks
warming on mossy rocks
squirrels wave their tails
going up a tree making wails

creature make themselves notice
making noises or pretty faces
human go to length of excess
you're so beautiful, don't change

6/9/2007 7:23:11 PM

over the garden wall

reaching out to the sun
behind the walls she from
she could peek through blinds
show her fingers or show sign
budding flowers could see
as well as birds on a tree

she has the heart full of love
too busy to share what she got
her pen painted her dreams
but nobody heard her screams
besides walls, candlelights
and the melancholic nights

6/16/2007 1:49:46 AM

close to nature

i can see flowers sway
on wind's caring way
pollen float on air
to lucky one to bear

fields are all green
beautiful; jaded plain
blonde hair from stalks
fruit bearing peanut roots

my passion to walk barefoot
feeling the coolness to soothe
as i step on the gentle grass
i share you; the world is for us

Sherma Benosa
6/16/2007 11:41:15 PM

HapPy father's day, MDalan...

Sherma Benosa
6/17/2007 8:45:47 PM

Congratulations, friend
For being such a proud father
Blessed with sons and a daughter
Happiness is on your side
Now and forever.

Waaaa! He he he. It ain't good enough, my short verse.
Hope to learn from you.

I remember you posted in my wicked blog that you have an only daughter.
She must be feeling like a princess, like I do...

Sherma Benosa
7/1/2007 10:35:08 PM

Faltering steps
Squeaky screams
Childish giggles
A young girl
In daddy’s arms.

Sure steps
Controlled speech
Delighted laughter
A young woman
At daddy’s side.

7/14/2007 1:13:02 PM

i always walk with her to bus stop
assure her that the rain won't drop
she always call " dad, pick me up"
like a clock work i do it with snap
now she's over hundred miles away
the word is " dad, when you visit me"
I drove there like race car psycho
to watch movie, eat vietnamese pho
then we go to church and pray
we kiss and hug and i walk away
i always remember whatever she said
like "eat well and early to bed"

...guys love your daughter/s they are the
reflection of you, believe me. they mimick
you more than the boys or they must be
trying to outsmart ouuuuuuutttt!!!

1/7/2008 12:51:22 PM

From: manonton dalan
Poems_Title: sidestep
Remote Name:
Date: Saturday, March 10, 2007


chatting, walking the line
wondering what could we find
then they sold out the show
hesitantly, we have to go

walking not far, ruby tuesday
nice please everybody could be
gentle waitress with cute smile
entetaining, enjoyable, worthwhile

aroma of new orleans catch
baby back ribs, full rack
sweet ice tea, water on rocks
fantastic, doesn't cost that much and my daughter is supposed to
watch 300 but unfortunately the show
was sold out so we just eat. i have to
borrow the waitress ball pen to write
this and the other poem(bosel ed pagew)
in pangasinan.i wonder where are the
people like me? md

ganda siya
3/7/2008 1:45:46 AM

hay apo puro mannurat amin dagitoy, lumabasak pay

manonton dalan
8/20/2008 1:48:50 AM

my everything

i could feel your arm
around my shoulder
oh! like a cocoon of love
cradling my soul
i could never
ask for more

i close my eyes
dreaming of eternity
i could see waterfalls in me
bit my lips, cross my fingers
i let moment lingers

until i couldn’t hold it, no more
i turn around reach your lips into me
now i could taste your breath
i can even feel your heart beat
on my heaving chest

petals bend to tender touch
embers flares with wind
but your hugs, kisses melts
my everything


Ag-Loginka pay nga umuna Kailian sakbay nga agposteka.