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11/4/2006 6:39:12 AM

From a junior brod seldom heard, you are absolutely right bossing,
its not so much who are for and against charter change, both sides
of the fence have valid arguments to prove the strength of their
position but as pointed clearly by the learned treatise of justice
carpio, the manner and procedure to achieve the same must be in
accordance with law, no shortcuts, no subterfuge. If not done in
accordance with what is prescribed even if the intentions are noble,
its still the fruit of the poisonous tree.

With the present occupants of the hills of batasan and the riverside
mansion, it seems that in their "NOBLE" desire to achieve what they
perceive to be the best for the country, they have thrown caution to
the wind and that the end justifies the means. More sadly, they want
the august hall to bless their mechanism to make it palatable,
because if it did grant that blessing, despite the travesty, it
would still be considered the law of the land being the final
arbiter of what the law should be.

Justice Carpio, being the atenean that he is and a sigma rhoan at
that, merely practiced what a MAN of the LAW should be, a passion
for the truth, a passion for justice and a passion for what the law
should be. He had the power to stand FIRM when everyone around him
seem to be getting mad. He had the solidity of character to stand
alone when everything was turning to dust. He choose LONELINESS over
peer acceptance and persevered in his VISION in what the law is and
what the law should be despite the odds which only a man of
CHARACTER can possibly do. A passion to keep alive that eternal
challenge that justice must be done whatever be the cost.

Much to my regret and I know most of you will get mad, we have seem
to have reduced the practice of the law to a TRADE, I understand
that we have to work and earn our keep but it should not include
sacrificing in the altars of justice, the future and well being of
our country, there are things not worth selling your soul for
pecuniary gain regardless of friendship, fraternal and professional

Learned people have said that if you want to know one person's
character and integrity, do not give him adversity, for surely, more
so if he is a sigma rhoan, he will surely rise up to the challenge
and do what is right to get him out of that situation RATHER give
him, POWER and PRIVILEGE and see if he what he does with it, whether
he uses the same to serve the greater good or do the greater damage.

The decision is monumental not only for what is written but more so
for the composition of those who voted for it, as well as those who
spoke in reverence of it. We are not saints for we are all weak and
sinners but when the time comes to practice one's patriotism, we
should rise to the challenge and meet the same head-on regardless of
who stands againts us for what is important and heartwarming is WHO
STANDS WITH US, no matter the outcome and that as seen was also
exhibited by SDND, our brod Nonong Cruz, we should be proud of him
as well.

Life here back home is tupsy turvy but there is hope, regardless
what people say, we have to keep our roots here, to make the place
better day by day, there are some short-cuts but one should know
what is BASICALLY WRONG for the country and not partake in that
course of action. We have to stay to make it better and given the
chance those outside the country should return when they feel
comfortably so, without shame, for we are all in these making a
better nation together. Lessons of history have shown that if we
strive, things will be better and Justice Carpio and Nonong Cruz
showed us the flicker of light at the end of the tunnel .

(excerpts of the above were taken from the passion for justice
speech of j.pompeyo diaz)



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