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mother and child
2/9/2007 8:04:21 AM

the deputy sheriff and the drugged-up supermodel

associated press
anna nicole smith's mother blames drugs
by suzette laboy 02.09.07, 10:08 am et

vergie arthur, the mother of former playboy playmate and model anna nicole smith blamed drugs friday for her daughter's sudden death that ended an extraordinary tabloid life at just 39.

smith was born vickie lynn hogan on nov. 28, 1967, in houston, one of six children. her parents split up when she was a toddler, and she was raised by her mother, a deputy sheriff.

she dropped out after 11th grade after she was expelled for fighting, and worked as a waitress and then a cook at jim's krispy fried chicken restaurant in mexia, texas. she married 16-year-old fry cook bill smith in 1985, giving birth to daniel before divorcing two years later.


2/12/2007 9:45:59 AM


Ranvylle Albano
2/14/2007 2:36:49 AM

Happy Valentines To ALL!!!

wow pare
10/2/2007 2:59:21 PM

stairway to heaven


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