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A promise..........


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3/13/2007 12:41:21 PM

No one promised that life would always be fair. People are imperfect, we make mistakes and bad decisions. We may have been hurt by others in the past, but the important part is how we choose to deal with that hurt. Failing to let go of the past and holding on to grudges and anger can only cause harm in our life. If we want to keep our joy and remove what could become some huge roadblocks in our path, decide to forgive others, whether or not they ask for forgiveness. God says His daily forgiveness, in the sense of His daily favor and blessings, is based on our willingness to forgive others. When we forgive, we will find new strength and begin to experience God's breath-taking blessings!

It really doesn't matter if the person who hurt you deserves to be forgiven. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. You have things to do and you want to move on.

MARK 11:26
But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.


Joyce Carolyn Maer
3/28/2007 7:08:20 AM

That's true no one is perfect. we all must repent our sins and lose our pride to Jesus Christ whenever we have fault and forgive those who do wrong............joyce carolyn

Crisostomo Buenavista
4/1/2007 4:17:42 PM

Forgiveness is not lifting the penalty or doing away with the crime. It is a letting go of the burden on the part of the forgiver. Thus, purged of the hurt, the one who forgives bestows the gift of upliftment upon himself or herself. The forgiven will still have to personally reconcile with The Almighty in order to return his or her life back to normal.

Ruth Tactacan
4/9/2007 10:56:20 AM

Thank you gagayyem iti isasarungkar yo toy abong ko. God Bless you both.

Zeny Dakota
4/18/2007 3:46:44 PM

No maminsan ket narigat iti mamakawan kadagiti nagbasol kenka lalo na no nasakit unay iti inaramid da kenka. Ngem gapu iti bilin ni Apo Dios ket MASAPUL nga mamakawan tayo iti pada tay nga tao. I can forgive but I will not forget. Mamakawanak iti padak nga tao ngem it takes time iti mamakawan, cause I am just a human nga kunada and I am not perfect either.


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