- website a magustoan a pagpalpallailangan dagiti pada a nangisit ti sikona.

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 Matthew A. Salvador

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Tambayan6/23/2008 8:27:02 AM
Birtwal Laybrari 5/10/2008 8:31:37 AM

6/23/2008 8:27:02 AM

Pagdadapunan dagiti kakailian nga ilukano. Addaak man ken awan appo, dumanon kayo laeng koma.

Idasar yo latta ti ania man nga balon yo a mabalin tayo nga pagraramanan. Pot luck, kunada iti Ingles sa iti kasdiay.

Iburay yo ngarud kakabsat dagiti ir iruken ti rikrikna ti tumunggal maysa no adda ta pagraramanan tayo nga solbaren no kasapulan.

Timbengen tayo laeng koma no adda man adat na ket mahigpit ang MTRCB.

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 Birtwal Laybrari
5/10/2008 8:31:37 AM

Temporary blog. That was the original intent. Only to clarify my position with a blogger here in However, unprofessional manners from some bloggers made me decide otherwise. Seems like the so-called educated need "refresher course" on GMRC101, all of us included. I ain't no teacher on the subject either. Maybe we'll teach each other as we see the need to do so. So, this blog remains to stay. IMPT REMINDER. IF MAKE SURE THAT YOU ALL POST IN RESPECTABLE MANNER. NO "NAME - CALLING" PLEASE. // inadaptarko man tay imbirngas ni Ken a nagan daytoy a lakon.

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