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 Josephine Rizardo Iwatani

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Preparating for my trip9/17/2009 2:08:02 AM
J. Iwatani's Travel Journal9/15/2009 11:16:43 PM

 Preparating for my trip
9/17/2009 2:08:02 AM

As a seasoned traveler, I don’t leave at home and venture to a new country without photocopying my itinerary and my passport to my own email.

Why so? In case my passport is lost or stolen abroad, I can easily access a copy of my passport via the Internet. I save time and eliminate the agony, hardship and expense of calling back home to access the number of my passport. I am so lucky that I haven’t lost my passport but I heard a lot of horror stories about how tourists lose their passports and it costs them money just to get a replacement abroad.

Along with my itinerary, I photocopy my passport and leave a copy in my room. This is just a back-up just in case I am traveling to a place where there are no computers.

If I am traveling more than a month in one country, I register myself at the embassy. Just in case there is a state emergency, the embassy knows where I am.

Each country has their own immunization requirement. Make sure to ask what vaccinations you needed. When I traveled in Palawan in 1989, I made sure that I took some anti-malaria medicines a month before I explored the whole island for a whole month!

When I traveled with my children I made sure that their vaccinations are also done.

I read about this book about a young and vibrant Polish woman who sold all her belongings at home and sought to backpack around the world. For six years, she survived traveling in Europe but ended up dying in Africa. She died of malaria. She would still be alive today to share her life of travels but she did not think of getting vaccinated first.

There are many things we can do to prevent diseases and sicknesses. And, the best so far I can tell you is to have your immunizations before you embark on your next travel!

I enjoy traveling so I wanted to make sure that I am healthy when I travel!

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 J. Iwatani's Travel Journal
9/15/2009 11:16:43 PM


I was probably one of the earlier member to join Since its infancy, I eagerly followed, reading the blogs and the articles submitted by fellow Ilocanos. However, during its infancy, I was busy traveling- experiencing different cultures of the world.

For five years, I traveled in Europe, Asia and North America. During my travels, I wrote my journal in airplanes, trains, buses, ships, etc. Every trip was detailed by drawings, captured in pictures or videos.
I wrote daily in my travel journal.

I traveled to 27 countries and wrote my experiences and posted my pictures and tips at where I am presently ranked 154 out of two million member-travellers.

In 2012, I am holding a World Meet in Seattle where travellers all over the world are invited to join.

In this blog, I will post my writings. I will copy my journal as I wrote them while travelling...unedited.

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