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 Aileen Balancio Serrano

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downtrodden12/6/2011 9:04:51 PM

12/6/2011 9:04:51 PM

It's happening. The dark shadow dormant for quite some time came by like a thief in the night. How the earth maiden dreaded the coming of this moment. She knows that when it will, she won't know what to do. She's not prepared to face this challenge, she never tried to learn how to. Hard and strong as others could see, let the rain fall on her and her soil will be as soft as it can be.

She could be part of the roads formed over her where there could be lots of straight paths, curves, and u-turns, connecting each place in her map. She could bring anybody to anywhere within her bounds, but too bad, she never learned how to drive. Well, that's another not-so-funny part. Now, the stillness of her peace, her faith, and her heart are threatened.The signs are there. And while she's trying to hold on, impossible as it is, she's also trying to move on. Today the memories of her devastation came by rushing, without a warning. So she started to cry, and the cry became louder. Glasses broke, and the weather joined her with ear-deafening roaring thunders.

She's slowly, slowly, slowly dying inside. She's being consumed by her overwhelming desire to protect everything by keeping them all inside her heart. She has a task, she must keep herself alive, to get her going, so others may live. She cries at the death of a lizard, imagine how she would weep at the sight of a frail, needy creature who only wanted to sit on her grounds? She has lots of love to give, lots of lives to lead. Will she ever be put to rest?

But everyone's deaf! Save for the gentle breeze that that sings like the voice of an angel, everything joined the combined violence gnawing upon her weary soul, tearing her apart. Nobody hears the howl of the earth in deep intense pain ~~~~~~ and nobody seems to really care! All around her are dark, heavy clouds, crawling shadows, and the slow, distant ebbing of the tide...only to come back to shore and its farther side as huge waves, claiming multiple lives.

And she will let herself be eroded by the waves, to carry her deeper and deeper into the heart of the ocean, and hopefully, to her final resting place.

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