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 Randy Navarro Alicna

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Inbitasyon kinyayo nga ka ilokaniuak2/3/2008 11:26:13 PM

 Inbitasyon kinyayo nga ka ilokaniuak
2/3/2008 11:26:13 PM

sapayla kuma ta suportaran dakami diay website nga inrugimi. daytoy ket asla met laeng diay daduma nga social networking (friendster, myspace ken sabali pay) ti pangasabalian na ket grupo ti ilokano ken Filipino ti nagirug ditoy.

Please visit and join a new website you can create your own profile, add/meet/invite old and new friends, listen and upload music, watch and upload video, post topic at the forum, upload your pictures, share your thoughts and read other people’s thoughts at the blog and create groups.
To sign up, just click “signup” right at the right hand corner of the main page. Alternatively, you could also copy the link below :

This is a project on the making so there will be improvements along the way. I hope you will support the site by joining as member and being active at the site.

Ti kabsat yo,

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