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Nso-ilocos norte: ditoy


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 Lourdines Corpuz Dela Cruz

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 Kumusta met ti serbisyo ti NSO Ilocos Norte?
1/16/2011 6:35:59 AM

Kumusta met ti serbisyo ti NSO Ilocos Norte?
Kayat mi man a denggen ti boses ti umili para iti pagsayaatan ti serbisyo ti opisina mi.

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 Ni Andrew, nagbalin nga ni Andrea
10/19/2010 2:26:26 AM

Ni Andrew, idi naggapu idiay Thailand, nagbalin metten nga ni Andrea. Apo ta makiapa na pay ketdin ata haan met a kayat ni Civil Registrar Mokong a sukatan diay naganna idiay Birth Certificate nan. Sinno ti husto kadakuada a dua?

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 NSO Conducts Quarterly Labor Force Survey
10/14/2010 10:08:53 PM

HSDV, SOF and SCCP as riders
By SCO I Lourdines C. dela Cruz

True to its commitment of providing world-class statistical products and services, the National Statistics Office will conduct the quarterly Labor Force Survey this October 2010. The survey is designed to provide statistics on levels and trends of employment, unemployment and underemployment for the country.

In Ilocos Norte, 23 barangays are taken as sample enumeration areas. These include: San Andres and San Vicente of Bacarra; Mabusag Sur, Santa Cruz Sur and Santa Cruz Norte of Badoc; Lanao, Bangui; Dariwdiw, Batac; Nagsurot and Poblacion, Burgos; Cabuusan and Gaang, Currimao; Cali, Madamba and Medina, Dingras; San Isidro, San Miguel and Talingaan, Laoag City; Pasaleng, Pagudpud; Callaguip, Salbang and San Agustin, Paoay; Binsang and Naglicuan, Pasuquin, Loing and Tonoton, Piddig; Aglipay and Nagtrigoan, Pinili; and Abkir and Diaton, Vintar.

The NSO field personnel will act as data gatherers. These personnel underwent a five – day training in order to properly equip them with the necessary knowledge on the concepts of the survey. “The success of this undertaking lies not only with the government, it also depends upon the cooperation of the respondents”, said OIC – PSO Rapacon, Jr.

The Labor Force Survey also has three riders. These are a) Household Survey on Domestic Visitors (HSDV); b) Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF); and c) Survey on Census Communication Program (SCCP). The first rider is to gather data on household information on domestic tourism that are vital to the effective and efficient development and implementation of tourism plans and programs. On the other hand, SOF is designed to provide data on overseas Filipinos particularly the OCWs and their contribution to the economy. Finally, SCCP is conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of communication programs in promoting the 2010 Census of Population and Housing and study appropriate program for the census.

During the July 2010 survey round, the employment rate was estimated at 93.1 percent.

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 Sex Reassignment: Not a Ground for Change of Name
3/1/2010 5:28:39 PM

If a person underwent sex reassignment (nagpapalit ng ari), may he petition the court that his birth certificate be corrected such that his gender be changed from male to female and that his first name be changed from Rommel Jacinto to Mely.
The answer is in the negative. While the petitioner may have succeeded in altering his body and appearance through the intervention of modern surgery, no law authorizes the change of entry as to sex in the civil registry for that reason.
RA 9048 provides the grounds for which change of first name may be allowed Further, RA 9048 now governs the change of first name. The remedy and the proceedings regulating change of first name are primarily administrative in nature, not judicial. (SILVERIO vs. RP, 22 October 2007, G.R. No. 174689).

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 Female to male: a decided case
2/22/2010 10:28:33 PM

May a person who has two sex organs - female and male- pray before the court that his birth certificate be corrected such that his gender be changed from female to male and his first name be changed from Jennifer to Jeff?
Yes, because the determining factor in his gender classification would be what the individual, having reached the age of majority, with good reason thinks of his/her sex.
Moreover, there is merit in respondent's change of name because such change will conform with the change of the entry in his birth certificate from female to male.(RP vs. Cagandahan, G.R. No. 166676, 9-12-2008)

SCO Lourdines C. dela Cruz
NSO - Ilocos Norte

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