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 Ranvylle Orque Albano

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WOW Dagupan Luna7/2/2007 3:25:51 PM
Letter A6/21/2007 4:03:51 AM
Home Sweet Home6/21/2007 3:42:53 AM
Sangguniang Panlalawigan Remy insan Albano6/21/2007 3:39:59 AM
Panagyaman ti Dios iti Nalaus nga Panagayat na iti Pamilya mi.6/21/2007 3:34:14 AM
Remy 6/21/2007 3:12:07 AM
Blog intro lang daytoy kabsat.1/17/2007 2:01:58 AM

 WOW Dagupan Luna
7/2/2007 3:25:51 PM

It's been a lot of time for me I think looking for a photo of the number one scenic and wonderful cave we are very blessed and proud of as a resident of Dagupan, Luna, Apayao. We've been going there with my friends before most especially during summer when i was still a student but unfortunately I was not able to keep a single photo of it. I grabbed this picture from the LGU website of Luna, Apayao.

This cave was been a memorable place to me. Not just because it was a hang-out place for us resident of Dagupan during hot summertimes but there are also moments in my life which was worth remembering that happened in that very particular place. What is it? Well of course, moments where my whole family goes there and feel the sensational aura that the forest gives.

Yes my friends, if you ever find some time to visit our barangay. Don't ever hesitate to ask somebody from our barangay to accompany you to go to that place for they will not think twice to escort you and bring you to our altar, the "Lussok Crystal Cave".

Situated at the rocky slope of Brgy. Dagupan sitio Kabunnayan, Luna, Apayao, a 3 room cave with dripping water that forms stalagmites of different beautiful shapes present an irresistible invitation to tourist hikers. This is also an ideal place for swimming and boating.

This Multi-Chambered Creek has an underground creek that discharges into blue lagoon at the entrance. Its name Crystal Cave is derived from the creek’s crystal-clear cool water. This is an intriguing place to visit because of the preservation of nature.

The site is 4 kilometers from the national highway picturesque

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 Letter A
6/21/2007 4:03:51 AM

Letter A, kayatna a sawen ket umuna a letra iti alphabet ken nangnangruna isu ti umuna a letra iti apilyedok.

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 Home Sweet Home
6/21/2007 3:42:53 AM

The moment i left my home sweet home "Apayao Province", what a painful feelings i felt inside. Two things were playing inside my body and soul. They are, leaving your loving place and leaving the people you love.. How sad! It's really a sad feeling you endure the moment you leave your special ones, my love ones. Family, relatives and friends. How i wish that i could stay and work in my own place so that leaving them would not happen in my life. But, as to the reality of life. Sabi nga nila "Ganun talaga ang buhay". Sacrifices are embedded in the achievement of happiness. I'd like to cry but a tear doesn’t come out. I'd like to be glad but smile is hard to reveal in my face. How, how do i react? What should i do, when my special someone waving her hand showing the picture of farewell. It's so cute to see that scene but it hurts deep inside.

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 Sangguniang Panlalawigan Remy insan Albano
6/21/2007 3:39:59 AM

Congratulation to my Dad, Remy Negre Albano for winning as Sangguniang Panlalawigan in our Province Apayao...

Gundawayak man ngarud ti agyaman kadagiti kankanayon nga mangsupsoporta ken mangay-ayat kadakami. Aglalo kadagiti umili ti Luna ken kadagiti ili ti Pudtol, Sta. Marcela ken Flora iti probinsiya ti Apayao. We owe a lot from you guys. Kas iti kuna met ni tatangko, he will continue to help most especially when in comes to the development of our place which have been proved by his performance while he was a municipal councilor in Luna. Agyamanak met kadagiti nasingpet a kalugaran mi nga timmultulong bayat iti kampanya. Saan mi apo nga masubsubalitan dayta nga panagayatyo kadakami. Dios ti Agngina ket sapay koma kanayon natay a tarabayen ti Apo a Namarsua.. Agbiag ti probinsiya ti Apayao.

Election 2007 Results in the Province of Apayao.

Extracted from

Incumbents dominate Apayao election results
by Glenda @ 9:37 am. Filed under News
LUNA, Apayao — The unity of the people in this province remains as shown in the recently concluded May 14 elections.

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Provincial Director Cresencio Calina in an interview said many of the candidates for local positions who are incumbents were unopposed.

Elias K. Bulut Jr. remains the congressman of the lone district of Apayao which has 54,761 registered voters. He garnered 31,731 votes.

Seasoned politician Elias K. Bulut Sr. also ran unopposed for governor while Hector Pascua, a former provincial board member, won over his three opponents for the vice governor seat. Some 29,909 voters casted their votes for Bulut Sr for his second term as governor, while Pascua got 17,018 votes.

In Calanasan, its 6,542 registered voters allowed incumbent Mayor Eleanor Bagtang and Vice Mayor Perfecto Marrero to finish their last term as leaders of the town. Their hold on the positions were affirmed by the 3,731 and 3,876 votes they garnered respectively.

No one of the 5,475 voters of Sta. Marcela also challenged incumbent Mayor Evelyn Martinez and Vice Mayor Domingo Siluran Jr. who garnered 3,828 and 3,689 votes respectively.

Bienvenido Verzola Jr., with 4,930 votes emerged as the local chief executive of Luna replacing his wife Betty Verzola, who was the town’s mayor in the last nine years. Incumbent Vice mayor Jovencio Bullawit with 3,651 votes retained his post. Luna has 9,131 registered voters.

Brothers Efren and Richard De San Jose of Flora won the seat for mayor and vice mayor with a total of 4,476 and 2771 votes respectively. Their votes were out of the 6,688 registered voters in the municipality.

Garnering a total of 3,563 and 4,160 votes, incumbent Mayor Reynald Talimbatug and Vice Mayor Joseph Amid respectively also remain as the people’s choice to lead the capital town of Kabugao which has 8,724 registered voters.

In the municipality of Pudtol with 5,634 voters, incumbent Mayor Batara Laoat and Vice mayor Cleofil Collado who garnered 1,805 and 2,358 respectively also retained their post.

In Conner, incumbent Vice Governor Paul Delwasen with 1,805 votes won over his lone opponent for the mayoralty seat. So with incumbent Vice mayor Leonardo Dangoy with 4,564 votes.

Hopefully this kind of political patronage will further enhance the development of the entire province, Calina said. (fnm/PIA-CAR)

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 Panagyaman ti Dios iti Nalaus nga Panagayat na iti Pamilya mi.
6/21/2007 3:34:14 AM

Kayatko lang nga icongratulate dagiti nalalaing nga kakabsat ko... Congratulations for passing the board exam to Ms. Graziella Mae O. Albano, NURSING, and to Architect Revalone O. Albano...

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