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 Sherma E. Benosa

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Outside AyKom6/12/2008 9:59:42 PM
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 Outside AyKom
6/12/2008 9:59:42 PM

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 Iluko.Com FrontPage Poems
6/12/2008 9:51:57 PM

Poems I posted at the frontpage through the years (Arranged alpabetically).

A Hymn for the Soul
Autumn in Summer
Book on a Shelf
Cavern of Death
Dead End
Excess Baggage
Hearse of Death
Ina a Daga
Karayan ti Biag
Lamina ni Ayat
Lansad ti Barukong
Lugar a Naikari
Memory of Your Kiss
Misplaced Punctuations
My Home
Nanglipat a Kari
Nalailo ti Umar-arubayan nga Agsapa
Ngata-ngata iti Rangtay Mendiola
Odes to the Night
One Short of Thirty
Pagariek Kadi?
Pen, Unresting
Reversible Suicide
Sika Amang
Sunset after the Storm
Sunset by the Sea
Tawa ti Panunot
The Journey
The Pawn
The Sinner’s Plea
The Voice Within
To the Traveler
Transient Blossoms
Your Footsteps, My Guide

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6/12/2008 9:42:10 PM

The articles I posted at the frontpage through the years. Arranged Alphabetically. (As of June 13, 2008)

Creative Non-fiction
Amang Roman and Inang Pacing
The Wall Décor and Other WhatEvs
Volcanic Eruption

Creative Reflections (Tales)
An Open Letter for Humanity
Beauty’s Diary
Humanity vs Opportunity: A short Tale
Lamentation of the Dream Un-winged
Knocking on your Door
Life is a Performing Art
Truth vs Deceit

Amang Roman and Inang Pacing: In Memoriam
Humor is Us. But…
If Life were a Novel
Name Game: The Case of the Phil Language
Racing Against Time
Reading a Novel and Living a Life
Zooming in and Zooming Out: Life Events and Our Perspectives

When the zzzzz doesn’t come easy
The Puffing Habit
Recognizing Stroke and Heart Attack

Short Story
Underneath the Sheaths
The Conspiracy
The Birthday Gift
No Napudno ti Ayan-Ayat

A Van Gogh and Picasso in Each of Us

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 Winged Thoughts
5/11/2008 6:46:16 PM

When we give our souls some wings, they will surely soar, up above the clouds, to the stars, to the heavens, and to dimensions beyond the reach of time. My soul is here, with me, yet it is really gone. It's somewhere beyond the depths of the deepest sea, above the highest mountain, in a plane indefinable by me.

Photo by Sherma E. Benosa. All rights reserved.
Photo by SEB; taken at Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte; April 2007

For those who cannot see the image, please click here to be redirected to the original version: DAREPDEP.

Note: The version posted here contains some editings by me and Mr. Amado I. Yoro. Title was changed by me.

The Written Wor[l]d
PhotoGraphic Thoughts
Taeng ni Ayat
The Daily Sojourner

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 The Accusation of Plagiarism: Answer to Matthew Salvador's Post in the frontpage of
5/10/2008 2:11:47 AM

Sometime in March, I was accused of plagiarizing a work of LJ. It is such a grave accusation, something that no writer would want to be accused of. I have responded to the issue before (in my FORWARD MARCH page) and the accuser had stopped. But now he is back, still not acepting the answer I gave before.

I have pointed out then that there is a proper forum to discuss this matter. I have said 'I elect the court of law.' Ngem ala, siripentayo man dagiti banbanag.

Let us, therefore, look at my posts in LJ's vis a vis my post in my wordpress blog. In Matthew's latest post, he had claimed that there is a disparity between my post in LJ's blog and in my Wordpress blog, and that the ideas I presented in my Wordpress blog are not the same as those I presented in our original transparency discussion (LJ and I); that my arguments in my wordpress post are LJ's. Kitaentayo man ngarud kakabsat no agpayso ti ibagbagana.

My Posts in LJ’s Old Page on the Discussion on Transparency and True Colors

First Post:

Heyyo LJ. How are you girl? Just wanted to say hi, but changed my mind and drafted something about your post. Nabayag bassiten daydi panagin-in-exchange ta iti views in your blog. Makapa-miss met.

Indeed, sister. It would be great if we were gifted with the ability to see each of us as we really are; to understand our depths, to appreciate both what is inside and outside of each of us.

But we have limitations as humans. We only see what we want to see. Sometimes, we just see the good. At other times, only the bad. Often, we do not see both. And, on rare occasions that we do, we find it hard to understand the tangled dichotomies that make up each of us.

Humans are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, but with very limited view of the things around us. Often, we do not see the whole picture, and cannot dig deep to fathom what’s inside other people. We see only what we want to see, or what we think we are seeing. Unfortunately, too, we are quick to make conclusions based solely on our perceptions, which are very limited to begin with. So we see one as all-beautiful, or all-good, then be shocked to find later on that he or she too has weaknesses of his or her own. The reverse is also true. Sometimes, we are sure that one is bad through and through, not knowing that that person is simply misunderstood.


One may or may not be transparent. For me, that is alright. There are those who are not comfortable talking about themselves, or sharing their fears and their worries, their aspirations and their dreams.
What I am not comfortable with is when people pretend to be who they are not. To be accepted, perhaps? To be loved more, maybe? Or to belong? I don’t really know; I don’t even understand. But many of us wear masks so thick that it’s difficult to know which face is real and which isn’t. But these are facts of life we have to deal with.

Sherma Benosa
10/8/2007 2:54:42 AM

Second Post


Sister, I like your reference about life being like a glass that is transparent (sana). It got me thinking about our nature as humans, and here’s what I’ve come up with. It’s still about glass, but no longer about it’s transparency but about it’s other properties. And this may explain why we aren’t made of glass.

If we were made of glass, we would easily break. And once broken, there’d be no more hope for repair. And though we would be transparent in good condition, we would become hazy in extreme environment, like when we are exposed to dust, humidity, and smoke. We would be very fragile and won’t be able to withstand great pressure, strong heat, and opposition. We won’t be able to bend. We would be strong and tough, but only up to a certain point.

If we were like glass, we would be easily affected by hearsays and indifference. We would not have a chance against the much tougher circumstances of life.

Sherma Benosa
10/8/2007 3:06:04 AM

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