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*August 13, 1996 Gumil Oahu was formed. Three current writers for Bannawag were among the co- organizers. These 3 writers were Ric Agnes, Mike Ulibas,  and Amado Yoro. [Amado Yoro, president,  Mike Ulibas, vice president, and Ric Agnes, secretary]


A two weeks prior to Aug 13, 1996, Marlene Manzano and Amado Yoro coordinated an “Evening With Dionisio Bulong & Reynaldo Duque” [verbal invitation only] at the Kambingan, Filipino Express Restaurant in Westgate Center, Waipahu. Thirty One (31) leaders of the community attended. Guests are Dionisio S, Bulong, Editor-in-Chief, Bannawag and Reynaldo A. Duque, Managing Editor Liwayway, and Amelia Ramos, Hawaii Grande Gumil president. Ric Agnes and Gladys Menor were so kind to bring Mr. Dionisio S, Bulong and Rey Duque to the dinner place.

The original organizers and their respective organization:
1. Rep Jun Abinsay
2. Ric Agnes
3. Romualdo Agustin, Isabela Hawaii Association
4. Namnama Baptista, Sinait National High School Alumni Association
5. Felipe Blanco
6. Carayo Caoile, Fil-Am Courier
7. David Cordero, Fil-Am Courier & Hawaii Fil-American Media Council
8. Maggie Domingo, United Filipino Council of Hawaii president
9. Larry Fiesta, Divine Word College of Laoag College Alumni Association of Hawaii
10. Jerry Ilar, Isabela Hawaii Association
11. Mona Ilar, Isabela Hawaii Assn president
12. Rev. Jose Lazo, UFCH Resourceperson
13. Arsenio Macadangdang,
14. Marlene Manzano, Fil-Am Courier [+deceased]
15. Ben Mendoza. DWCLCAAH
16. Gladys Mendoza. DWCLCAAH
17. Gladys Menor
18. Leticia Pascua, DWCLCAAH
19. Fred Quibol, Falea
20. Victor Rayo, Bannatiran Association of Hawaii
21. Evelyn Rojo,
22. Gerry Rojo,
23. Rina Sagayadoro, DWCLCAAH & Isabela Hawaii Assn
24. Tony Sagayadoro, DWCLCAAH & Isabela Hawaii Assn
25. Estrella Taong, Sinait National High School Alumni Assn
26. Paul Taong, San Juan Lapog
27. Arlie Tagayuna, Fil-Am Courier
28. Helen Ulibas,
29. Mike Ulibas (+deceased)
30. Amado Yoro, UFCH Publicity & Pluma Connection: Ditoy Hawaii
31. Elias Yoro, Sinaitenians

I called this get-together a “Pluma Connection Ditoy Hawaii” , gathering in order to honor our friends from Liwayway. It is a writers’ night with the prolific writers and editors, part of my evening remarks in welcoming them: “tapno mapasinged iti panaggaammo iti tunggal maysa kas mannurat ken lider wenno kameng iti komunidad, ken mapatalgedan nga adda pagrebbengan ti tunggal maysa iti man tay-ak iti panagsurat ken bukod a komunidad, iti namnama a maparang-ay ken mapadur-as ti singed ken panagkakabsat iti pluma babaen iti panagsurat. Nagasat daytoy a rabii ta adda dagiti teddek ti literatura, iti Bannawag ken Liwayway, appo Bulong ken Duque..” .

Larry Fiesta, president of Divine Word College Alumni; Carayo Caoili, president of Hawaii Filipino Media Council; Estrella Pada Taong, president of Sinait Alumni Association, Maggie Domingo, president of United Filipino Council of Hawaii, Rep. Jun Abinsay also expressed their welcoming words to our guests.

Theme of both Bulong and Duque messages was all about “writing responsibilities to preserve, enrich and record, journalize events and histories and experiences of Filipinos here since their first immigration to Hawaii. They both suggested that writers must be always alert, active, focused and possibly a strong united front. No other writers can write what is really happening but a writers who are here in the island.

Rev. Jose Lazo immediately took the opportunity and said: “this is the cream of the crop. It’s time to have Gumil Oahu!” So, Gumil Oahu was born on August 13, 1996..

I was elected president unanimously in an interim capacity. I was installed by Reynaldo A. Duque, witnessed by Dionisio S. Bulong, Amelia Ramos, Gloria Yoro. And other members.

Interim Officers:
Amado I. Yoro, president; Mike P. Ulibas+, vice president; Ric Agnes, secretary; Gladys Menor, assistant secretary; Mona Ilar, treasurer; Evelyn Rojo, assistant treasurer; Dr. Estrella Pada Taong, auditor; Marlene Manzano+, PRO, Romualdo Agustin, Felipe Blanco, Ben Mendoza, Paul Taong, security directors.

Directors: Tony L. Sagayadoro, Gerry Rojo, Larry Fiesta, Jerry Ilar, Vic Rayo, Fred Quibol, Letty Pascua, Arsenio Macadangdang, Maggie P. Domingo.

Advisers: Rev. Joe Lazo and Rep. Felipe P. Abinsay, Jr.

*August 17, 1996 Gumil Oahu’s first Literary Forum chaired by Francisco T. Ponce, “Bannawag Most Valuable Writer 1978”. Back to writing followed by Fernando Agnes and Art Ignacio.

*November 19, 1999 Amado’s second installation as president, Andel Barroga, Felipe Blanco, Flory Fermin, Marlene Manzano, Gladys Menor, Lina Mercado, Fred Quibol were awarded as writers produced by forums as they were able to publish in Bannawag, Tannguyob and other publications.

*August 2004  - Literary Forum,  Paul Taong were able to write poem.

*April 2002 - Ric Agnes and Amado Yoro were recipients of the Pedro Bucaneg Award by the Gumil Filipinas.

*April 2005 Gladys Menor was a recipient of the Leona Florentino Award by the Gumil Filipinas.

*April 2008 Francisco Ponce was a recipient of the Pedro Bucaneg Award  by the Gumil Filipinas.

Ric Agnes is 2 times awarded 1st prize as Carlos Palanca Award in 1998-1999.

Francisco Ponce, Major award winner of the PULA, RFAAFIL, Pacioles, Baclig Award. Author/publisher of “Bin-i Ti Biag” anthology book.

compiled by:  Amado I. Yoro

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