All dance music are in their midi forms. Download and install this free midi player to play the music.

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Dance Hawaii
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Int'l Society of dance lovers      
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Philippines Ballroom
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Interested in playing these dance music into your own CD?

Time runs faster than quickstep, dance now or forever you will be wishing you should have done it!

Click on each pictures below and navigate into the site wherein you can listen or dance to that particular dance category. Keep on dancing!


     Rumba/Bolero                     Cha cha cha                     Fox trot                        Jive


    East Coast Swing                Mambo                        Meringue                    Tango              


   Night Club 2 step                 Waltz                      Viennese Waltz                      Salsa


    West Coast Swing               Quickstep                      Lambada                     Samba     


        Conga                          Pasodoble                       Cumbia                     Disco Hustle


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