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Intayon ilocos sur 2018 agawidtayon 2018


INTAYON ILOCOS SUR 2018---------AGAWIDKAN=============JULY 24, 2017==============Special Issue:
July-August 2017
The Flint and the Splinter
[Ti Pingki ken ti Saludsog [d]

A Cheerful and an Enlightening Evening With Dances and Musics: An Interlude for the Coronation of Mrs. Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii: Mrs. Vigan Adeline

An anticipated good crowd with guests, families, friends and supporters, Ala Moana Hotel, Hibiscus Ballroom dancing floor will surely be filled with pleasing musics for the upcoming activities as one of the highlights for the special occasion that the Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii {ISAH] in preparation of its upcoming 41st anniversary in February 2018 and as part of the anticipated participation of the 200 years bicentennial celebration of Ilocos Sur next February 2018 in Vigan City. Philippines.

The Ilocano Grand Reunion 2018 Campaign Drive by the Ilocos Sur Tourism and Trade is in full swing inviting all Ilocos Surian who reside from the different part of the globe. “Intayon 2018- Ilocos Sur- Agawidkan” is actively posted in the internet and facebooks as they are extending the invitation to all concerned sons and daughters of Ilocos Sur.
This August 18, 2017 event will be a showcase as the funfare and dances will be exhibited with dances: like the Tango, Waltz and Rhumba competitions with a significant awards and cash prizes according the committee.
“Only the non-professional dancers are eligible and qualified to participate in the Tango, Waltz and Rhumba contests” said Mr. Carlito Soria, who is in charge of the contest. Drawing for Door prizes will be done from time to time with a ‘surprise’ grand prize.
As a main highlight of the $70.00 donation dinner and program will be the coronation of the newly selected Mrs. Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii MRS. ISAH ADELFA “ADELINE” AZORES QUINES 2017 -2019.
Adeline is the sixth Mrs. ISAH representing the Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii [ISAH] since Mrs. ISAH Popularity and fundraising project started in 2003.She is the 3rd Mrs. Vigan to hold the most coveted title and as part of the raising of funds for the bi-annual medical and educational mission to the Philippines.

This Ayusan Norte born and Sto. Tomas grown up lady Adeline Quines is as excited as the Vigan Association president’s Tessie Fallet Aganon for the event being Vigan has produced 3 queens in the row.
1. Nancy Vallejo Clemente Luat- 2003-2006-Cabugao
2. Elena Villaruz Puesta -2006-2008- Santa
3. Davelyn Ancheta Quijano – 2008-2013 – Sinait
4. Marylou Natividad – 2013-2015 – Vigan
5. Anita Anasion Alquiza – 2015-2017 – Vigan
6. Adelfa Adeline Azores Quines – 2017-2019 - Vigan

Who is Adeline?
My real name is ADELFA A. QUINES but my friends intimately call me Adeline said Adeline as this writer asked her brief biodata.

I was born on August 29, 1962 in Ayusan Norte, Vigan Ilocos Sur. My parents are Engineer Sergio Jaramillo Quines and Juanita Barcellano Azores. We moved to my great grandfather's home in Sto. Tomas, Sto. Domingo Ilocos Sur on the year 1969 with my 5 siblings.

From grades 1 to 4 I studied Elementary school at Sto. Tomas. And grades 5 to 6 I went to Lussoc Elementary school. I graduated high school in the year 1979 in University Of Northern Philippines and I successfully finished my 4 years in college w/a Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in management in the same university on the year 1983.

I came to Hawaii on September 18, 2004 start working at ORI Helemano Plantation as a live-in caregiver for the individual w/ disability for 1 year but I left in July 2006. Continue working at my present agency HHS w/ participants/behavior as a DSW in the day program then they hire me as a service supervisor. I decided to work in the community as a PA (personal assistant) at the present time.
As a single parent with two boys at the ages of 25 Jan and 20 Jay.

As a glimpse, historical background has been compiled by me for the purposes of information.
Amado I. Yoro
[References: Souvenir books, memories, and personal notes and experiences]

3 WELCOME ARCHES IN PROVINCIAL BOUNDARIES construction of arches at the provincial boundaries of Sinait-Badoc; Tagudin-Bangar; Pidigan-Narvacan Junction*, a brainchild of Amado Yoro, Danny Villaruz and Ted Saribay.

February 4, 2003 board meeting, 3 important motions were introduced by this writer: [ 1] Construction of welcome arches in the 3 provincial boundaries; [ 2] Education and Scholarship program – Hawaii-Ilocos Sur ; Literary Foundation Award and Leadership Award[ 3] Adopt a school or a classroom or public library[Book Corner] in Ilocos Sur, were seconded and duly approved.

As printed at the Maiden Issue of PINGKI [Flint] January-March 2003, page 4 BENNEG ILOKO: tilte: Arko Dagiti Nagbedngan Iti Ilocos Sur, Maiplano a Proyekto ti ISAH, naisurat a kastoy: “Kas inanamonganen ti Hunta Direktiba ti ISAH ti maysa a proyekto ti gunglo nga indatag ni Amado Yoro, pangulo ti Culture and Arts Committee [Editor in Chief ti Pingli], iti regular a miting a naangay idi Pebrero 4, 2003, Susannah Wesley Community Center, manamnama a marugianen a maiplano ti pannakaipasdek ti arko a pakaisuratan ti WELCOME TO THE PROVINCCE OF ILOCOS SUR [Dumanonkayo Apo], kadagiti tallo a junctions wenno beddeng ti probinsia ti Ilocos Sur-Norte; Ilocos Sur-Abra; ken Ilocos Sur-La Union.

“Kas panangilawlawag ni Yoro, nainaw daytoy a pampanunot idi Nobiembre 2001 iti maysa nga “over-a-cup-of-coffee” da Danny Villaruz, Ted Saribay.

Kas sungadan dagitoy nga ili a Sinait, ti Narvacan ken Tagudin, nasken nga adda pammasungad a kablaaw iti asino man a maisar-ong, lumbas, sumrek ken rummuar ket mangipasimudaag nga addada iti sakup ti probinsia: natalged ken nainggayeman.

Kiniddawen ni Yoro ti maysa a mapagtalkan nga estimate iti maysa a mapagtalkan a gayyem iti probinsia. Nupay awan ti eksakto a gated no mano ti mabusbos itoy, pattapattaen ni Yoro a magastosan ti ISAH. Ngem iti pammatina iti nasayaat a kooperasion ken naayat a panagtitinnulong ken panagkaykaysa, nalag-an ken nalaka dayta nga ibaklay ken maipamuspusan kas iti dakkel met a suporta ti Ways and Means Committee nga ipanguluan ni Engineer Carlito Soria, bise presidente.

Manamnama pay nga iti kabiitan a panawen, marugian daytoy a proyekto kas mayataday met dagiti pagalagadan ti gobierno probinsial iti Ilocos Sur.

Mainaig pay iti ‘over-a-cup-of-coffee da Yoro, Villaruz ken Saribay, mairaman a maiplano ti ISAH ti “Adopt-a-Public Library” [Book Center], ken ti Literary Foundation Award ken/wenno Leadership Award ken mainaig nga award a pakabigbigan ti maysa nga anak ti Ilocos Sur, kas indatagen ni Yoro. [page 4, Pingki: Benneg Iloko-January-March 2003 Maiden Issue]
*Accomplished December 2015---Narvacan marker. [Thank you for the coordination with Mr. Eliseo B. Contillo and Engineer Ines, and the Cauton family]

How to finance and what resource/s:
IT’S A FIESTA, A CELEBRATION, A “TRIBUTE TO OUR FILIPINA WOMEN….. It’s a legacy to preserve, to revive and to promote our arts and cultural heritage”, this is the core message printed in our cover page for the December 12, 2003 Installation of officers for the 2004-2006 with the coronation and Recognition and Christmas Night held at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort.
More in the cover page with our ISAH slogan: Working to Rebuild Communities Here in Our Homeland” with the calesa-----are the pictures of the FIRST MRS. ISAH ROYAL COURT Her Majesty Queen Nancy Clemente 2003-2006 from Cabugao; 1st runner-up Zeny Abalos from Santa Maria; 2nd runner up Josie Lopez from Santa and 3rd runner-up Josie Alcain from Vigan.

The First Mrs. Ilocos Surian Popularity Contest has been introduced by Engineer Carlito Soria, 2vp and Ways and Means Committee chairman in order to raise fund the Scholarship program and the construction of arches at the provincial boundaries of Sinait-Badoc; Tagudin-Bangar; Pidigan-Narvacan Junction, a brainchild of Amado Yoro, co-orgnizer-adviser, Danny Villaruz, president and Ted Saribay, adviser, over-a-cup of-coffee at Zippys King/Mokaueia streets, Kalihi upon reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws as Amado Yoro, Ted Saribay and Pio Enrico CB Review Committee members---[Pio Enrico was not able to attend]
The four women of Ilocos Sur, Mrs. Nancy Vallejo Clemente, Mrs. Zenaida Pineda Abalos; Mrs. Josie Quidez, and Mrs. Josie Salamat Alcain are considered the “cornerstones of this foundation---a foundation for education, unity, identity and leadership”

In his message printed in the Souvenir Book, page 7, Chairman Carlito Soria, an engineer by profession said: “ Being the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, it is my responsibility to find ways to finance a project the organization planned to undertake. A certain project hereof as brought up early this year by Mr. Amado Yoro, one of the ISAH organizer and adviser is to build three [3] symbolic “Welcome to Ilocos Sur” arches between the provinces of La Union_Ilocos Sur; between Ilocos Norte-Ilocos Sur and between Abra-Ilocos Sur, a projects that estimated costs approximately $10,000.00”

Mr. Soria used THE MRS. SANTA MARIANS OF HAWAII as a model project for the Mrs. Ilocos Surian. As Santa Marians of Hawaii president, by experience and good management, the project was successful how to fund raise such a project like the Mrs. Sta. Marians of Hawaii. ISAH has adopted it as a model with some proper and appropriate modification.

“The deeper the roots of sincerity grow within one’s heart, the greater one feels the need and eagerness to express it. Between here and the future, there can be no better moment than now for me to sincerely convey my deep feelings of gratitude and appreciation to each and all…………”
“It is with great pride and humility that I acknowledge the honor and the privilege of wearing the crown and receiving the title of FIRST MRS. ILOCOS SURIAN 2003……….I have come to realize that my participation in the full circle of activities has been a great learning experience, not only for me, but for members of my family as well…”
Tonight marks the 27th anniversary of ISAH installation of officers 2004-2006 and the 1st Coronation and Ball at the beautiful Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort……….It has been my honor and privilege being your president for the past two years and I look forward to serve as your president…….
Tonight, we are all here to witness the highlight of this event: The coronation of our own Mrs. Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii 2003, Her Majesty Nancy Clemente from Cabugao and her royal court 1st runner-up Zeny Albalos, Santa Maria; 2nd runner-up Josie Lopez, Santa; and 3rd runner-up Josie Alcain from Vigan….
You truly represent the Ilocos Surian as a whole and thank you very much for your commitment and participation in this fundraising event. Certainly, the money we raised will completely go to fund our scholarship program and community projects we have planned…..
I salute and congratulate 2nd Vice president and Ways and means Committee Chairman Engireer Carlito Soria for a job well done and to all participating unit member organizations’ presidents, members and representatives and all supporters, friends and families……
Thank you to our special guest, the Honorable Deogracias Victor DV B. Savellano, Governor of Ilocos Sur.

I am greatly pleased and honored to express my sincerest greetings to the entire Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii [ISAH] on the occasion of the Installation of Offciers and Board of Directors and the crowning of the newly selected Mrs. ISAH 2003. I share with its men and women the significance and happiness of this momentous event.
This is a milestone in the continuing journey of ISAH as one formidable organization that upholds profound kinship even as it inspires a strong spirit of meaningful harmony and brotherhood. Particularly, I know that this again gives added strength to your mission while paving the way for a brighter future and more distinct steps toward the pursuit of your noble goals and endeavors.
Your organization endured for years to become not only as the venue of continuing love and friendship of kindred individuals who share same heritage and character but also nurtures benevolent and dignified hearts that share many blessings to the entire province of Ilocos Sur, and beyond. For all these, we are grateful even as we look up to you as our continuing partner in causing positive changes in the existence of the communities and people in the province…….
To Mrs. ISAH 2003, my best wishes and with this experience, may you lend inspiration to all and to all your collective endeavors.
Have a great celebration and coronation !
As we all bound to be an achieverS and doers and make a difference, let me quote James 1:22: Be not only a talker but doer [of the word]”
The great project is a clear manisfestation of how sincere, how serious and how much we can volunteer our time to realize such a project that benefits our communities. It is once again, a proven facts that we can work together as a great theme or slogan: “Working Together To Rebuild Communities Here and Our Homeland”, suggests.
My congratulations to all participants, to various committee chairs and members, supporters and the prime movers of the project and the First Mrs. Ilocos Surian. Congratulations to the Royal Court Her Majesty Nancy Clemente, 1st runner-up Zenaida Abalos, 2nd runner-up Josie Lopez and 3rd runner-up Josie Alcain.

I greet you with respect and gratitude. Happy Celebration !
This 1st Mrs. ISAH 2003 brings us together in strength, in unity, pride and teamwork.
This is one of the many ways that a group like ours can progressively transform and change and make a difference. I commend Engineer Carlito Soria, Ways and Means Chairman; the ISAH president Danny Villaruz, and all the various chairs and members of different committees for this successful project.

AS ONE OF THE 22 original co-founders/organizers of ISAH on February 27, 1977, I am humbled and honored to be part of the history making. I have been witnessed, directly and indirectly involved eversince its inception. Through the years, ISAH has been developed and grown through by different leaders and committed people with different style from formation to struggle and trials and triumphs and still we can always be proud in our Filipino way “tagnawa system”, “innamoyo” ken “tinnagnawa” and working together.

NOW in its renewed commitment and rebuilding era- Danny Villaruz era, with the support and cooperation of others: its our responsibility to keep its identity and accomplish its work.
This special project will surely become part of the written recorded history and achievements of ISAH as days go by. These FOUR DEVOTED, AND DEDICATED MOTHERS like Nancy Vallejo Clemente; Zenaida Abalos; Josie Lopez and Josie Alcain are cornerstone in the strengthening the foundation---the foundation for education for the youth; foundation for unity; foundation to keep our identity, pride and legacy of the past, and our leadership and participation in the spirit of volunteerism. We have something to look back, to cherish, to treasure, to remember the past, to honor, to preserve and promote------our cultural heritages and values---to be proud of.

Let us look forward beyond the 27th year of ISAH.
My congratulations to the Royal Court; to the chairmen and members of the various committees. Advertisers, friends and supporters.

Thank you to Honorable DV Savellano, Governor of Ilocos Sur.

Danny Villaruz, president; Estrella Pada Taong, PhDed 1vp; Carlito Soria, 2vp; Lynne Gutierrez, recording secretary; Carmen Cabreros, Corresponding secretary; Rose Sabangan, treasurer; Alice Castaneda, assistant treasurer; Nancy Clemente, auditor; Art Abinsay, assistant auditor; Pacita Saludes, Vina Antolin, PRO; Sonny Balcobero, Bert Castaneda, Lucio Farinas, Pedro Supnet; Paul Taong, SAA;
Board of Directors/Unit presidents and unit member organizations:
1. Veronica Esteban- Cabugao Sons and Daugthers Association of Hawaii
2. Larry Peralta- Sinait Natinal High School Alumni Association of Hawaii
3. Ignacio Toress, M.D.- Candonians of Hawaii
4. Jerry Abinsay-Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates
5. Jenny Quezon-Annac Ti Caoayan 2002
6. Sonny Balcobero- San Juan Lapog Association of Hawaii
7. Edgar Quides-Santanians of Hawaii-USA
8. Iluminada Directo-Santa Marians of Hawaii
9. Jerry Ilar- Annak Ti Sinait Iti Hawaii
Rep. Felipe Palma Abinsay Jr..; Rep. Ben Cabreros; Hon. Romy Cachola; Pio Enrico; Marlene Manzano; Ted Saribay; Dr. Charlie Y Sonido; Dr. Ignacio Torres, Amado Yoro
Danny Villaruz, president; Estrella Pada Taong, PhDed 1vp; Carlito Soria, 2vp; Lynne Gutierrez, recording secretary; Cleo Bala Casino, Corresponding secretary; Rose Sabangan, treasurer; Josie Lopez, assistant treasurer; Art Abinsay, auditor; Nancy Clemente, assistant, auditor; ; Pacita Saludes, Alice Castaneda, PRO; Sonny Balcobero, Clemente abalos, Jr.,, Franco Casino, Pedro Supnet; Paul Taong, SAA;
Board of Directors/Unit presidents and unit member organizations
1. Veronica Esteban- Cabugao Sons and Daugthers Association of Hawaii
2. Augusto “Gus” Gus Concepcion- Sinait Natinal High School Alumni Association of Hawaii
3. Ignacio Toress, M.D.- Candonians of Hawaii
4. Jerry Abinsay-Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates
5. Jenny Quezon-Annac Ti Caoayan 2002
6. Sonny Balcobero- San Juan Lapog Association of Hawaii
7. Ireneo Billena-Santanians of Hawaii-USA
8. Iluminada Directo-Santa Marians of Hawaii
9. Estrella Pada Taong, PhDed- Annak Ti Sinait Iti Hawaii
10. Remy Baclig- Kabugao International
Rep. Felipe Abinsay, Jr.; Rep. Ben Cabreros; Hon. Romy Cachola; Pio Enrico; Marlene Manzano; Ted Saribay; Dr. Charlie Y Sonido; Dr. Ignacio Torres, Amado Yoro
Hyatt Regency- Waikiki – October 21, 2006
Theme: One Hundred Years and Beyond: From Farm Field to Every Field
1st princess Letty Advincula Dar-Dalit – Santa Maria
2nd princess Teri Sagaysay – Santiago
3rd princess Zeny Sumibcay- Cabugao
4th princess Alice Castaneda-San Juan Lapog
MRS. ISAH DAVELYN ANCHETA QUIJANO- 2008-2013-SINAIT---Hilton Hawaiian Village Tapa Tower: Theme: My Roots, My Family, My Future---October 11, 2008
1st princess Analissa Braceros Mateo-Cabugao
2nd princess Loida Alimboyoguen Yamamoto-Vigan
3rd princess Ruth Manzano- Santa
Chair: Carlito Soria
MRS. ISAH MARYLOU NATIVIDAD-2013-2015-VIGAN—Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel, March 9, 2013- Theme: Cultural Tradition for Homeland Mission
1st princess Venus Mangrubang-Sinait
2nd princess Evangeline Burcena- Santa
Chair: Davelyn A. Quijano; Co-Chair: Loida A. Yamamoto. It was noted however, that a current Mrs. ISAH and current runner-up should not have been in the steering capacity but must remain be the model queen and runner until their term has been expired in order for them to enjoy their respective title as member of the royal court. [So noted].

MRS. ISAH ANITA ASANION ALQUIZA-2015-2017- VIGAN----Venue: Hilton Hawaiian Village—Tapa Tower

October 24, 2015 THEME: Keeping Ilocano Traditions
1st princess Janet Rivera Janet Lau- Sto Domingo
2nd princess Emelyn Peralta Damo –Cabugao
3rd princess Jenalyn Taloza Jenalin Taloza Nishida- San Juan Lapog
[Teri Sagaysay- Santiago-withdrawn]
Event Chair: Loida Alimboyoguen Yamamoto
MRS. ISAH ADELINE QUINES -2017-2019- VIGAN- venue Ala Moana Hotel
Danny Villaruz, president; Maria Etrata, 1vp; Veronica Esteban, 2vp; Maria Cristina White, recording secretary; Tessie Aganon, Corresponding secretary; Rose Sabangan, treasurer; Lina Mercado, assistant treasurer; Alice Castaneda, auditor; Emmie Villaruz, assistant auditor; Roger Tapat, Emerita Etrata, PRO; Art Abinsay, Jimmy Dalit, Antonio Ipalarii, Roman Saupan, Josefina Degamo Takamoto, SAA;
Board of Directors/Unit presidents and Unit Member:
1. Myrna Peralta- Cabugao Sons and Daugthers Assn of Hawaii
2. Romulo Basuel- Sinait Natinal High School Alumni Assn of Hawaii
3. Tessie Teresita Fallet Aganon-Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates
4. Alice Castaneda- San Juan Lapog Assn of Hawaii
5. Antonio Nartatez Santanians Association of Hawaii -USA
6. Letty Advincula Dalit-Santa Marians of Hawaii
7. Gus Concepcion- Annak Ti Sinait Iti Hawaii
8. Louie Funtanilla- Narvacan Assn of Hawaii
9. Thomas Quintos- Santiagohawaii Santiaguenians Association of Hawaii
-Imelda Ulangca Formoso- Magsingal Association of Hawaii
-Helen Grace Grace Villanueva Go- Candonians Hawaii
-Jenny Quezon- Annac Ti Caoayan-2002
Rep. Felipe Abinsay, Jr.[Vigan]; Rep. Ben Cabreros [Narvacan]; Rep. Romy Cachola [Vigan]; Louie Funtanilla [Narvacan], Al Sabangan [Cabugao], Dr. Charlie Y. Sonido[Cabugao], Carlito Soria [Santa Maria], Amado Yoro [Sinait]
ISAH was organized on February 27, 1977 by the 22 founding organizers as a community-oriented leaders at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo and Pacita Saludes, Wanaka St., Honolulu.
1. Felipe P. Abinsay, Jr.-Vigan
2. Atty Peter Aduja – Vigan+
3. Mario Albalos – Vigan+
4. Manuel Cabacungan – Sinait+
5. Ernie Cardenas – Santa
6. Ismael “Mel” Europa- San Esteban+
7. Leon Flores – Sta. Catalina
8. Annie Lugmao – San Esteban
9. Sonia Lugmao Aranza – San Esteban
10. Macario Manzano – Narvacan+
11. Art Perez – Santa Maria
12. Francisco Ponce – Magsingal/Bantay
13. Elvin Quiocho – Caoayan
14. John Quiocho – Caoayan+
15. Julio Quiocho, Jr. – Caoayan
16. Alfred Saludes – Sinait+
17. Pacita Saludes – Sinait
18. Francisco Ugale – Magsingal
19. Alberto Ugalino – Magsingal
20. Mike Ulibas – Magsinga+l
21. Johnny Villanueva – Candon+
22. Amado Yoro- Sinait
+rest in peace
1. Atty. Peter Aduja. –Vigan+ 1977-1982
2. John Quiocho, -Caoayan+ 1982-1984
3. Mario Albalos, -Vigan+ 1984-1986
4. Sid Villafuerte,-Sto Domingo+ 1986-1987
5. Peping Billena, 2x-Santa/Caoayan+ 1987-1988 [1996-1999]
6. Rey Custodio, -Candon [1988-1989
7. Ben Cabreros, -Narvacan 1990-1994
8. Julio Quiocho, Jr2x.-Caoayan 1994-1996 [1999-2001]
9. CURRENT FROM NOVEMBER 2001 to 2018 Danny Villaruz- Santa^^^----the longest ever serving president
OTHER MAJOR PROJECTS OF ISAH: President Elpidio Quirino Leadership and Humanitarian Award, Medical and Educational Mission, Feed the Homeless, Adopt a Hwy/Park; Hawaii Food Bank Drive, other fundraisings for typhoon or calamities victims---volunteer work and community service
+==rest in peace
^^^=CB has been amended about term of office of an ISAH president

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