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Amado I. Yoro
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Ilocos surian assn of hawaii towards it 41 years in february 2018



Amado I. Yoro, co-organizer/adviser/historian

Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii in 41 years of Existence
It is a history: Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii marks 41 Years on February 2018

Foreword:===== It was three long years from one United Filipino Council of Hawaii [UFCH] annual conventions in the Garden Isle-Kauai in July 1974 when few delegates presumed to be originated from Ilocos Sur and in one committee caucus, the idea casually came out, said: Try and see if we can organize ourselves from Ilocos Sur”. Mel Europa, OFCC president [son of San Esteban, Ilocos Sur].

In the August 26, 1974 issue of Bannawag, pages 15 & 52, in my column “Pitik ken Karasakas” with the Bannawag Hawaii Bureau published such a news item about forming an Ilocos Surian body. Both Mario Albalos and Amado Yoro amplified the plan through the Pacific Courier “Matnag-Mablo” by Albalos July 25, 1976, and “Kape ken Asukar” by Amado Yoro August 2, 1976 issues. Also Loreto Encarnacion [Amado’s penname] in his “Petpetpetak” column carried that notice and invitation.

Both Albalos and Yoro have the same prospects who the best candidate either for UFCH or Ilocos Sur group: Mel Europa [San Esteban]; Francisco Ugale [Magsingal]; for UFCH, and Sam Orpilla aka Arapaap Ni Mayor Esteban] Peter Aduja [Vigan] and Antone Cacatian [Narvacan] for Ilocos Sur group.

Mel Europa who later became editor of the Pacific Courier quickly responded on to the message of Albalos and Yoro columns. He assured them to go along with the plan- to organize such Ilocos Surian group.

On the other hand, writer-columnist Pacita Saludes “Dayasadas” at the Pacific Journal carried the same reminder and invitation one of the 1976 issues. Also constantly announced it over “Gumiliana Show” at KISA Radio. Also with Billie Cabagbag show.

These 3 Gumil writers: Albalos, Saludes, Yoro, conferred, they took each assignment how to push through such plan. [At that time: Amado, Pacita, Mario are both Editorial Staffs with the Ilokandia Magasin], and they have other writing outlets for media publicity. Yoro contacted different leaders and friends with roots from Ilocos Sur and utilized radio, newspaper and magazines. Albalos drafted the temporary constitution and bylaws; Saludes went to see prospective individuals like Sam Orpilla [declined], and Atty Peter Aduja.

Triumvirate as Ambassador Ben Domingo [
Salcedo, Ilocos Sur] put it, Albalos, Saludes, Yoro finally set February 27, 1977

Organizers believe on the ecclesiastical passage that: “everything has a season under heaven” Organizing is persistency, courage, right attitude in the right direction and right diplomatic approach. It is a task, a challenge, a social obligation and an opportunity to exercise our freedom to assemble, hence:¦ ================ Here they are the Founding and Charter members: The club was simply called: “Ilocos Surians”It was far beyond the thoughts of the founders to make the club an umbrella organization.

In the afternoon on February 27, 1977, these organizers or charter members assembled at 1358 Wanaka St., the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Pacita Saludes, are: Felipe P. Abinsay, Jr. - Vigan; Atty Peter Aduja + - Vigan; Mario A. Albalos+ - Vigan; Manuel Cabacungan+ - Sinait; Ernie Cardenas - Santa; Ismael (Mel) Europa+ - San Esteban; Leon Flores - Sta. Catalina; Annie Lugmao - San Esteban; Sonia Lugmao - San Esteban; Macario Manzano+ - Narvacan; Arturo Perez - Sta Maria; Francisco Ponce - Bantay-Magsingal; Elvin Quiocho - Caoayan; John Quiocho+ - Caoayan; Julio Quiocho, Jr. - Caoayan; Fred Saludes +-Sinait; Pacita C. Saludes - Sinait; Francisco Ugale - Magsingal; Bert Ugalino - Magsingal; Mike P. Ulibas+ - Magsingal; Johnny Villanueva+ -Candon; Amado I. Yoro – Sinait.

• Atty Peter Aduja Era:
• John Quiocho Interim
• Mario Albalos’ as a turning point-----
1. Miss Ilocos Surian pageantry
2. OFCC membership
3. ISAH became an umbrella organization with the highly regarded efforts and recommendation of Vigan Assn president Jun Abinsay as he worked closely with then Governor of Ilocos Sur Luis Chavit Singson as he installed the officers of ISAH and Vigan Assn at NCO Club, Hickam Airbase.
4. Official ISAH logo was designed by Mario Orbito, married to Santa Lucia woman.
5. Sport and Entertainment Competitions
• Dr. Sid Villafuerte
1. Continue Miss Ilocos Surian Pageant
2. Others
• Epifanio Billena
1. Mrs. Sakada Pageant
2. Participation to the Fiesta Parade
• Rey Custodio
• Ben Cabreros
• Julio Quiocho, Jr, [inactive]

The Typhoon Feria Effect: The ISAH Revival Effort

The Typhoon Feria at no heart hit Ilocos Region in July 2001, part of the most damaged is Ilocos sur. Relief of course is needed for victims, big lost, houses and properties were gone. Ad Hoc Committee immediately formed headed by Felipe P. Abinsay, Jr. [Vigan] and the committee met at the Jessie’s Bakery and Restaurant. In attendance: Dr. Nas Torres, Pio Enrico, Ted Saribay, Peping Billena, Vangie Bacani, Perscilla Dela Cruz, Carlito Soria, Iluminada Directo, Amado Yoro, Louie Funtanilla, Cora Salvador, Marlene Manzano, Lynne Gutierrez, Ben Cabreros.

As Ad Hoc Committee for Typhoon Feria meeting continues regularly, it is always in the mind of the members where, when, and how ISAH would get involved due to its unfortunate dormancy. Meetings were shifted into a “Revival Effort” to reactivate ISAH as well.

The reorganizational meeting was held at the Susannah Wesley Community Center on October 30, 2001.

29 leaders in attendance: Felipe P. Abinsay, Jr., presiding; Marlene Manzano and Lynne Gutierrez, secretary protem; Amado Yoro, was appointed to the November 6, 2001 election of officers. [See page 36, Oct 21, 2006 Mrs. ISAH Centennial Book ][NOTE: Only Jun Abinsay, Amado Yoro, Fred Saludes, Pacita Saludes, attended this meeting among the original 22 organizers in Feb 27, 1977 ]

Whom Shall I Send; Here I Am

Looking for a leader is in dire need on November 6, 2001. Susannah Wesley Community Center is the venue for the election of officers. Amado Yoro, Chairman of the Nomination and Election Committee appointed members of the Election Committee: Vangie Bacani, Larry Farinas, Ted Saribay and Pio Enrico. Canvassers and tabulators: Cora Salvador, Ben Cabreros, and Marlene Manzano.

From the 44 in attendance, they cast their vote of confidence to the following:

Danny Villaruz, president
Estrella Pada Taong, 1vp
Carlito Soria, 2vp
Lynne Gutierrez, recording secretary
Rose Sabangan, treasurer
Alice Castaneda, assistant treasurer
Nancy Vallejo Clemente, auditor
Art Abinsay, assistant auditor
Pacita Saludes, PRO
Vina Antolin, PRO
Sonny Balcobero, sergeant at arm
Bert Castaneda, sergeant at arm
Lucio Farinas, sergeant at arm
Pedro Supnet, sergeant at arm
Paul Taong, sergeant at arm

Board of Directors:
Veronica Esteban, Cabugao Organization president
Dr. Ignacio Torres, Candonians president
Peping Billena, Annak Ti Caoayan president
Jenny Quezon, Caoayan, Ilocos Sur Assn president
Sonny Balcobero, San Juan Lapog president
Edgar Quidez, Santanians of Oahu president
Iluminada Directo, Santa Marians president
Jerry Ilar, annak Ti Sinait Iti Hawaii representative
Larry Peralta, Sinait Alumni president
Jerry Abinsay, Vigan Assn of Hawaii president
Epifanio Baclig, Kabugao International Assn president

Advisers: Jun Abinsay, Ben Cabreros, Romy Cachola, Pio Enrico, Marlene Manzano, Ted Saribay, Dr. Charlie Sonido, Dr. Ignacio Torres, Amado Yoro

Danny Villaruz as leader with a promising administration.

President Villaruz presented his goals and agenda for 2002-and beyond in his theme:
Working To rebuild Communities Here and Our Homeland”


1) To strengthen and maintain a better working relationship with all the Filipino community organizations, including ethnic organizations in Hawaii

2) Establishment of a sound and stable financial management of which include an effective fundraising program

3) To encourage other community unit organizations from other towns of Ilocos Sur to join ISAH

4) To expand ISAH to the other islands like Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Big Island, Lanai

5) To make Community Relief Fund permanent for victims of natural disasters and calamities, especially for Ilocos Sur province.


1) To continue to award Scholarship and Education Fund

2) To continue to preserve and observe the various culture and traditions of our heritage

3) To extend support and assistance to social agencies in Hawaii such as the Institute of Human Services, the Filipino Community Center, Aloha Medical Mission, Sirmata 2004

4) To help provide Literary, Cultural, leadership Awards, others.

=============== On August 10, 2012, ISAH has celebrated its 35 years at the Hale Koa Hotel,Waikiki Room and the installation of officers by Judge Rey Graulty [ret], guest speaker. ============== Event chair is Loida Alimboyoguen Yamamoto, ISAH recording secretary and OFCC assistant secretary, and current first vice president of Vigan Association of Hawaii and Associates. ==================Officers: Danny Villaruz, president; Maria Etrata, first vice president; Estrella Pada Taong, second vice president; Loida Alimboyoguen Yamamoto, recording secretary; Davelyn Ancheta Quijano, corresponding secretary; Rose Sabangan, treasurer; Tessie F. Aganon, assistant treasurer; Lynne Gutierrez, auditor; Alice Castaneda, assistant auditor; Bernadette Fajardo, PRO, Antonio Ipalari, PRO============== Sergeants-at-arms: Art Abinsay, Augusto “Gus” Concepcion, Cesar Fajardo, Al Sabangan, Paul Taong============== Board of Advisers: Felipe P. Abinsay, Jr., Ben Cabreros, Romy Cachola, Pio Enrico, Louie Funtanilla, Ted Saribay, Charlie Y. Sonido, MD, Carlito Soria, Ignacio Torres, MD, Amado I. Yoro============

Unit member organizations and respective president: 1. Annak ti Sinait Iti Hawaii [Antonio Ipalari] 2. Sinait National High School Alumni Association of Hawaii [Davelyn Quijano] 3. Cabugao Sons & Daughters Association of Hawaii [Mercedes Sonico] 4. San Juan Lapog Assn of Hawaii [Alice Castaneda] 5. Magsingal Assn of Hawaii [Basilio Tolentino] 6. Vigan Association of Hawaii {Tessie Aganon] 7. Santanians of Hawaii [Pio Enrico] 8. Santiagenians of Hawaii [Emi Etrata] 9. Candonians of Hawaii [Dr. Ignacio Torres] 10. Annak Ti Caoayan 2002 [Jenny Quezon] 11. Narvacaneos of Hawaii [Louie Funtanilla] 12. Sta. Marians of Hawaii [Iluminada Directo] 13. Hawaii-Tagudinians Association [Edgar Fernandez] ==========

PAST PRESIDENT 1. Peter Aduja + 2. John Quiocho+, 3. Mario Albalos+ 4. Sid Villafuerte+ 5. Peping Billena+ 6. Rey Custodio 7. Ben Cabreros 8. Julio Quiocho, Jr. + = deceased

===000=== As they paved the way both the organizers and Co-builders and co-pioneers are persistently looking for the best, as the stepping stone after the first installation banquet and ball that was held at the Holiday Inn Airport on March 27, 1977 continuously seeking ways for improvement in partnership efforts.

In 1984, through the effort and coordination of Vigan Assn president Felipe Abinsay, Jr. with then Ilocos Sur Governor Luis Chavit Singson, ISAH became an umbrella organization. And in 1985, ISAH formally member of OFCC.

Joint installations: Vigan/ISAH Feb. 1984 - Hickam, Luis Chavit Singson, Guest Speaker; ; Vigan/ISAH; Dec 2005- Loulens-Romy Cachola, Guest Speaker; Santanians Assn of Hawaii-USA/ISAH June 6, 2008-Honolulu Country Club-Judge Rey Graulty-Guest Speaker

As days and years go by, people and individual members are recognized and acknowledged by the role they played as so vital in the movement.

Past Queens for Miss Ilocos Surians: Debbie Obrero - 1985; Carol Cortes-1986; Alma Alonzo - 1987; Florence Cabrera - 1989; Ann Cabreros - 1994 ============
A Decade of promise with worthy projects, missions and accomplishments Mrs. Ilocos Surian ========= present Mrs. ISAH Adeline Quines, and Past Queens for Mrs. Ilocos Surians Mrs. Anita Alquiza, Mrs. Marylou Natividad, Mrs. Davelyn Ancheta Quijano, 2008-2012, Mrs. Nancy Clemente Luat, 2003-2006; Mrs. Elena Puesta 2006-2008 ==========

Medical Missions======= Six [6] Medical Mission and Cultural Homecoming 2005. 2007. 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, ....Ilocos Surian Homecoming & Medical Mission, Ilocos Sur Idol; GILAS, ====== hosting dinner party for dignitaries from the Philippines include but not limited to Senator Jinggoy Estrada and SPM Zuriel Zaragoza May 22, 2008 - Empress ====== Green Revolution Contest, Best Decorated house in Christmas holidays ========= ISAH is one of the most active organization affiliated with OFCC/UFCH, and in the community in general. Theme: Working Together To Rebuild Our Communities Our Homeland ================ Participations: Participated in the Filipino Centennial Celebration 2006; Filipino Fiesta Parade May 10, 2008; Float Committee depicting the First 15 Filipino Sakada : Elias Yoro - Sinait; Philip Alcain - Vigan; Ruben Gutierrez - Magsingal; Louie Funtanilla - Narvacan; Mel Calpito - Cabugao; Al Sabangan - Cabugao; Danilo Basconcillo - Santa; Dr. Perfecto Vera Cruz - San Juan Lapog; Elpidio Antolin -San Juan Lapog; Amado Yoro- Sinait; Art Abinsay - Vigan============

ISAH also directly and/or indirectly involved and participated in fundraising drive to help providing assistance to victims from natural disasters and calamities. Typhoon Feria donation, Typhoon Ondoy and others, the Filipino Community Center OFCC/UFCH participations in Community Forum, Minority Organ Tissue Transplant & Education Program [MOTTEP], others.==========

ISAH had recently supported AND participated in the 100th anniversary celebration of the Filipinos in Hawaii through the Filipino Centennial Celebration Commission 2006, ISAH with some unit members are volunteers at the Institute for Human Services [IHS] in feeding the homeless each month. ============

Danny Villaruz Administration 2001- to present with all the support and active participation of the unit member organizations, the officers and the public and general community’s support
The Typhoon Feria Effect July 2011
• November 2001- Danny Villaruz took the reign in interim status
• February 22, 2002 Danny Villaruz officially sworn in by Ilocos Sur Governor DV Savellano at the Pacific Beach Hotel with approximately 530 guests

The Filipino Centennial Celebration: Filipino 100 years and beyond
The Marker-Boundary Arches—Amado, Ted Saribay, Danny
The Medical and Homecoming Mission,
The Mrs. ISAH-Carlito
The Quirino Award- joint Danny/Amado

On August 27, 2011, another vital and meaningful project the President Elpidio Quirino Leadership and Humanitarian Award was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel as a tribute to our leaders, first recipients are Dr. Charlie Sonido and former Rep. Felipe P. Abinsay, Jr. one of the prime leaders of the Medical and Homecoming Mission each two year in an odd years.

Second Quirino Award was held on June 5, 2015 at the Hawaii Prince Hotel and the awardees: Jeremias Jerry Singson, Danny Villaruz and Luis Angelo Artates Abregas and Benito Soliven award for the youth category
============= Ilocos Sur is a province in the Northern Luzon bounded in the north by Ilocos Norte, east by the Mountain Province, west by the south China Sea. And south by the La Union and Benguet. Ilocos Sur’s history can be traced back in the 16th century during the early years of the Spanish colonization era. Its capital city, Vigan, is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in that is one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines –cobble-stone streets with centuries old Hispanic architecture houses. Vigan as one of the Seven Wonder Cities in the World. Vigan has a big and historic role whereby the Syquia Building be the official Center for Recruiting thousand of applicants for Hawaii workers for the 1946 Mass Migration for the more than 6000 Filipino recruited laborers by the Hawaii Sugar Planters Association and the Hawaii Pineapple Growers to Hawaii boarded in Port Salomague, Cabugao via SS Maunawili and SS Marine Falcon for the period of six months from January-June 1946.

Their rich cultural heritage makes the Ilocos Surian of Hawaii very proud of their home province, their identity and their people.========= Ilocos Sur as a province is very rich in culture and historical background.======== With its heroes and prominent leaders like Pedro Bucaneg-Santa/Bantay – Father of Iloco Literature- 1592; Diego Silang - Leader of the Ilocos Revolt 1730; married to Gabriela Silang- - Santa; Gabriela Silang -1st woman leader of the Philippine Revolution -1731; Diego Silang, Elpidio Quirino , Jose Burgos, Isabelo delos Reyes, Leona Florentino, others, that made Ilocos Sur great and noble cradle of respected and highly regarded figures in local and international scene.

The 3rd President Elpidio R. Quirino Leadership and Humanitarian Award will be held in Vigan City on January 31, 2018 in conjunction with the Bicentennial Celebration for Ilocos Sur 200 years being officially separated from Ilocos Norte on February 2, 1818 by Spanish decree. [Ylocos consisted from Bangui in the north and the Namacpacan,Luna La Union in the south]

Honorees are Maria Etrata, Amado Yoro [Hawaii] and Congressman DV Savellano, former Governor Luis Chavit Singson [Ilocos Sur]

What point of excellence and leadership and humanitarian endeavors and community contributions these few original organizers :
1. Rest in peace Mario A. Albalos, became first Filipino Thomas Jefferson Awardee 1979; president of the OFCC 1980-1981; Gumil Filipinas Pedro Bucaneg Awardee
2. Amado I. Yoro, Retired/volunteer, Gumil Filipinas Pedro Bucaneg Awardee, 2002 president of OFCC 1981-1982; Thomas Jefferson Awardee 1988; Board of Governor, UFCH 2009-2011; UFCH Progress Awardee 2000; Pride of Waipahu 1987
3. Felipe P. Abinsay, Jr.; OFCC president 1994-1996; UFCH vice president; State of Hawaii member of the State House of Representatives [51]
4. Francisco T. Ponce, Sr., UMPIL Awardee; Gumil Filipinas Pedro Bucaneg Awardee
5. Francisco Ugale, UFCH president;
6. Alberto Ugalino, UFCH president; Father of the Mrs Hawaii Filipina Scholarship Program
7. Sonia Lugmao Arranza, International Motivational Speaker
8. Pacita Saludes, UMPIL Awardee and Gumil Filipinas Leona Florentino Awardee; OFCC secretary
9. Julio Quiocho, Jr. Local Labor Union Secretary-Treasurer; OFCC vice president
10. Rest in peace Ismael Mel Europa, Filipino Chamber of Commerce president [1974-1976 OFCC president prior to ISAH organized 1977]

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Michaela J. Fernandez1/1/2018 8:49:34 AMHistory met atuy impalkatmon Lilong Amado, dapat libro ti pangipalkatam atuy tapnon adda ribisaren dagiti mayat a mangkita ti History atuy nga organisasyon. Kontakem ni Lola Pacing ta isu ti ammona agilibro.1