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Amado I. Yoro
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Amado I. Yoro Online

Community volunteers are unsung heroes ---


Volunteers with Heart with Hope and a Helping Hands

Amado I. Yoro
Organizer, Chairman and Coordinator for Special Projects

What an inspiring words from my fellow “volunteers”:
“Count on us Manong, we’ll be there with Fr. Dumag”
“I will give my time to help Apo, Sir”
“I’ll be there bossing. I’ll be there Sir”
“Count me on Manong with my daughter and 2 apokos”
“Al and Rose will be there Apo Amado”
“Can I bring my daughter with me Manong, she wants to feel what we are doing at the shelter”

Words of commitments and participation from fellow volunteers like------is so inspiring, motivating and enlighthening---------
It is my pleasure to serve you as your chairman and coordinator.

UNSUNG HEROES: Community Beautifiers and Caretakers: A Salute
Thanks to a close friend that brought the idea into my attention, though, it was my sincere intention and plan to have this acknowledgement for the long time. But, thank you, that idea now come into its realization.

Volunteers for the feed the homeless and adopt a hwy/park, earth day-a’ina day. Volunteers are unsung heroes who contribute free time and talent and treasure, commitment by the spirit of Community service, social responsibility to help provide assistance for the betterment of the general community and uplift the image of the Filipino community through the Oahu Council and the United Council and all affiliated organizations, and other civic groups particularly in the Island of Oahu.
[NOTE: I may not remember them all by memory, but, as much as possible, the following names are found in my monthly report to the OFCC Board submitted regularly]
July 2013-[ 4 years]
1. Jesse Pascual—former OFCC director both feed/hwy/park/awarding
2. Al Sabangan-both feed/hwy/park
3. Rose Sabangan-both feed/hwy/park
4. Art Abinsay-both feed/hwy/park
5. Armi Farinas---former Mrs. Hawaii Filipina—both feed/hwy/park
6. Nestor Farinas-feed
7. Roger Farinas - feed
8. Jean Jeremiah—former OFCC president both feed/hwy/park/awarding
9. Angie Santiago-both feed/hwy
10. Aven Santiago-both feed/hwy
11. Damien Santiago-both feed/hwy
12. Lory Lee-both feed/hwy/awarding
13. Melinda Pascua Gambol—KPRP/OLPH-feed/awarding
14. Isabel Rivera Phu-both feed/hwy/awarding
15. Fr. Peter Dumag-both feed/hwy
16. Helen Grace Go-both feed/hwy
17. Tia Go-both feed/hwy
18. Janet Lau-feed
19. Conrad Abuel-both feed/hwy
20. Trinity Abuel-both feed/hwy
21. Susie Deblois-feed—grace bible
22. Armand Deblois-feed-grace bible
23. Merlie Pascual-feed – grace bible
24. Mila Martinez- feed- grace bible
25. Remedios Domanico – feed- grace bible
26. Christine Pascual-feed
27. Tessie Aganon-both feed/hwy
28. Frances Nosis-both feed/hwy
29. Samya Ruckmann-both feed/hwy
30. Adeline Quines-both feed/hwy
31. Betty Belmonte-feed
32. Noble Malacas-both feed/hwy
33. Espie Badua-both feed/hwy
34. Luz Peirson-both feed/hwy
35. Eleanor Bru- both feed/hwy
36. Charlene Cuaresma-both feed/hwy
37. Agnes Malate- both feed/hwy
38. Marjorie Bocalbos- hwy- youth
39. Maria Cristina White-feed
40. Elizabeth Kim-feed
41. Jewels White-feed-youthernardino- feed
42. Tom Quintos-feed
43. Vilma Valdez-both feed/hwy
44. Cora Salvador-both feed/hwy
45. Wilma Luangphinith-feed
46. Nelia Alimbuyugen-feed
47. Jimmy Alimbuyugen-feed
48. Nati Fuerte-feed
49. Vangie Bacani-feed
50. Vangie’s sister-feed
51. Jun Abinsay – feed
52. Dr. Elizabeth Abinsay- feed
53. Hazel Abinsay- feed
54. Angel Dytioco-feed/hwy
55. Marcie Wong-feed
56. Marcelo Acopan, Jr.-feed
57. John Witeck-both feed/hwy
58. Roger Tapat-feed/hwy
59. Edith Tapat-feed
60. Gloria Yoro-feed
61. Antonio Ipalari- hwy
62. Gus Concepcion—former Chair-hwy
63. Hermie Gaspar-hwy
64. William Gaspar-hwy
65. Rogelio Idica-hwy
66. Ador Quijano-hwy
67. Diane Refuerzo-feed
68. Danny Villaruz---former OFCC president-feed/hwy/park
69. Emmie Villaruz-feed/park
70. Imelda Formoso-feed
71. Ben Sanchez-feed/hwy
72. Amy Dela Cruz-feed
73. Romy Dela Cruz-feed
74. Joise Takamoto-feed/hwy
75. Salvador Obaldo-hwy
76. Eddie Agas, Sr. –former OFCC/UFCH president-feed/hwy
77. Aurea Agas-feed
78. Alice Castaneda-feed/park
79. Emelyn Damo-feed
80. Veronica Esteban—former Mrs. Hawaii Filipina-feed
81. Noli Butay-hwy
82. Linda Butay-hwy
83. Fe Velasco-both feed/hwy/earth
84. Esther Pascual-feed
85. Estelita Dela Cruz-feed
86. Melecio Balais-feed
87. Rev. Alex Vergara – former OFCC president-both feed/hwy
88. Arnold Villafuerte—former OFCC president-both feed/hwy
89. Glenn Sagayadoro-feed
90. Izekiel Pascua-feed
91. Lynne Gutierrez- former OFCC /UFCH president-both feed/hwy
92. Loreto Coloma-hwy
93. Ludi Quero- hwy
94. Ferdinand Cabalay-hwy
95. Mrs. Cabalay-hwy
96. Philip Alcain+- posthomus award—former chair—til 11-13
97. Larry Ramirez+- posthomus award---former chair-both til 12-14-14
98. Cesar Bonilla--park
99. Richard Ancog-park
100. Letecia Ancog-park
101. Rossi Patton-park
102. Jane Castillo-park
103. Victorino Marquez-hwy
104. Cirvalina Longboy –former OFCC president-feed
105. Connie Ramirez-feed
106. William Cudal-feed
107. Faye Cudal-feed
108. Perlita Sadorra-feed
109. Edna Alikpala-feed
110. Bernadette Fajardo-feed
111. Suzie Berardy-feed
112. Flordelis Cabuslay-feed
113. Jimmy Cabuslay-feed
114. Cleo Bala Casino-feed
115. Franco Casinofeed
116. Raquel Dizon-feed
117. Maggie Domingo – former OFCC/UFCH president-feed
118. Ruben Gutierrez - +--feed/hwy
119. Rheanne Gutierrez-feed
120. Angel Lewis-feed
121. Lucy Pascual-feed
122. Richard Pascual-feed
123. Alfred Cuaresma-feed
124. Daniel Ferrer-feed/hwy
125. Erlinda Ferrer-feed/hwy
126. Rico Ferrer-feed/hwy
127. Jared Fujitani-feed
128. Natalie Jacob-feed
129. Lovely Orsino Miss Oahu-park
130. Jenny Quezon- former OFCC/UFCH president-feed/
131. Marianne Vergara-feed
132. Julieta Walsh-feed
133. Linda Abuel-feed/ad
134. Hazel Barsatan-feed
135. Nilda Barsatan-feed
136. Desiree Bucasas-
137. Jennifer Chang
138. Cecelia Crimmins
139. Alicia Domingsil
140. Tiffani Domingsil
141. Meghan Fagaragan—youth/student
142. Roger Fagaragan
143. Dr. Angela Sy-hwy
144. Angelo Dytioco-feed
145. Charmaine Dytioco-feed
146. Caelan Dytioco-feed
147. Gaven Dytioco-feed
148. Baybee Hufana-feed/hwy—UE Alumni
149. Joe Lim-feed UE alumni
150. Pete Guevarra-feed UE alumni
151. Guillermo- hwy with Charlene
152. Anita Domingo
1. Miss Oahu Filipina Leonevie Mabiog
2. Miss Oahu Filipina Marnelli Joy Basilio
3. Miss Hawaii Filipina Celina Macadangdang Hayashi
4. Miss Hawaii Filipina Margaret Pascual
5. Mrs. Hawaii Filipina Armi Farinas
6. Mrs. Hawaii Filipina Veronica Esteban
7. Mrs Hawaii Filipina Jema Geronimo
8. Miss Teen Hawaii Alyssa Reyes
9. Mrs. Ilocos Surian Anita Alquiza
10. Mrs. Ilocos Surian Adeline Quines
1. Vanessa Pulido
2. Adrian Nichelle Jones
3. Monalyn Aparra
4. Dustin Borromeo
5. Josh Cabanero
6. Karl Cubangbang
7. Jhenna Garvida
8. Anessa Jones
9. Brian Lu
10. Ryan Mandado
11. Tere Ann Membrere
12. Von Uisa
1. Raizza Pulido
2. Regine Ramos
3. Bryson Lu
4. Jeffrey Bautista
5. Michelle Bonilla
6. Jasmine Santiago
7. Michael Tran
1. Bulacan Circle of Hawaii & Associates:Angie, Angel, John, Diane, Marcie, Conrad, Linda
2. Vigan Assn of Hawaii & Associates: Tessie, Art, Cora, Frances, Abigail, Samya
3. Cabugao Sons and Daughters Assn of Hawaii: Al, Rose, Veronica, Emelyn
4. Magsingal Assn of Hawaii: Armi, Imelda, Lynne, Roger, Nestor, Marvin
5. Sto Domingo-Ilocos Sur Organization-Hawaii Chapter: Isabel; Fr. Peter, Roger, Edith, Janet
6. DWCLCAAH: Jesse, Art, Cora, Amado,
7. Annak Ti Sinait Iti Hawaii : Amado, Roger, Edith, Tony, Gus,
8. Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii: Espie, Isabel, Vilma, Luz, Eleanor
9. Filipino Organizations.Com: Jean, Jane, Richard, Letecia
10. Ilocos Surian Assn of Hawaii: Danny, Emmie, Al, Rose, Amado, Tessie, Art,
11. Sinait NHS Alumni Assn of Hawaii: Amado, Gus, Tony, Rogelio, Hermie, William
1.12. Samahang Ilocano: Noli Butay, Linda Butay, Victorino Marquez
2.13. SSSt. Paul’s Church, Honolulu-Marcelo Acopan,Jr.
3.14. GrGrace Bible Group-Susan Debios
15. CaCathedral of St. Theresa—Isabel Phu
TOP 30 OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEERS [[In the monthly regular basis, or more than 4x a year]
1. Jean Jeremiah---Filipino Organizations.Com
2. Jesse Pascual-DWCLCAAH
3. Angie Santiago-Bulacan Circle/UFCH
4. Al Sabangan- Cabugao/ISAH
5. Rose Sabangan-Cabugao/ISAH
6. Armi Farinas-Magsingal/ISAH
7. Lory Lee--ISAH
8. Tessie Aganon-Vigan/ISAH
9. Isabel Phu-Sto Domingo/FCCH
10. Art Abinsay- Vigan/ISAH/DWCLCAAH
11. Espie Badua-FCCH
12. Noble Malacas-ISAH
13. Noli Butay-Samahang Ilocano Internl
14. Eleanor Bru-FCCH
1.15. John Witeck-Bulacan/UH
2.16. I IImImelda Ulangca Formoso,
3.17. Luz Peirson,
4.18. Alex Vergara
5.19. Adeline Quines,
6.20. Maria Cristina White,
7.21. Tom Quintos,
8.22. Melendrina Bumanglag
9.23. Cynthia Pablo
10.24. Vilma Valdez
11.25. Abigail Aganon
12.26. CorCora Salvador
13.27. FFrances Nosis

14.28. MariaMMariSamya Ruckmann
15.29. RRoger Tapat
16.30. Editha Editha Tapat

CRITERIA: Regular Attendance, Availability, ,

I, AMADO I. YORO, with a background in “tagnawa system” helping others, first presented the special projects to Annak Ti Sinait, and to DWCLCAAH, and I am the Activity Planning and Program Chairman for DWCLCAAH, and I was elected and had the privilege to serve as Board of Governor for the UFCH in 2009-2011. Chaired the following Committees: Membership, Media, Publicity, Newsletter, and co-chair for the Social Action. And at the same time, co-chair for Membership, Adopt a Hwy, Feed the Homeless and Special Projects with OFCC under Cirvalina Longboy, Danny Villaruz,
As chair co-chair, I believe it is time that OFCC/UFCH has a projects as ONE body=======
I presented to UFCH and OFCC board. I was so confident to introduce such resolution with the strong backing of the following organizations’ president and/or representative:
1. Divine Word College of Laoag College Alumni; -Jesse Pascual, president
2. Ilocos Surian, -Danny Villaruz, president
3. Annak Ti Sinait, -Antonio Ipalari, president
4. Sinait Alumni, -Davelyn Quijano, president
5. UGHO, -Esther Pascual, president
6. Vigan, -Jun Abinsay, adviser
7. Cabugao- Al Sabangan, adviser
8. International Filipino Society of Hawaii- Eddie Agas, Sr., president
Resolution 2010-001 was drafted by Jun Abinsay, Danny Villaruz and Amado Yoro and duly submitted to the UFCH Resolution Committee—Mr. Herman Andaya, Convention Chairman----and then, at the convention floor officially presented by OFCC president Danny Villaruz, seconded by DWCLCAAH recording secretary Fe Velasco at the convention floor with 130+ delegates. It was duly adopted.
AFTER THE UFCH CONVENTION IN LAHAINA, MAUI JULY 2010, more organizations joined the volunteer partnership group:
1. Bulacan Circle-Angie Santiago
2. Magsingal- Armi Farinas
3. INCAT-Larry Ramirez+
4. Fil-American Citizens League-Charlene Cuaresma
5. Filipino Business Women Assn-
6. La Union Circle-Carlota Ader
7. Others until this time, individual, group continue to come in
St. Paul’s Church, Grace Bible Group, Filipino Chamber of Commerce, others.
A. Institute for Human Services- both Men and Women & Children Shelters For the Feed the Homeless, we serve approximately 180-220 each feeding, Men shelter with about 14 volunteers at Sumner/Iwelei streets and about 70-80 at the Women & Children shelter, 4-7 volunteers at Kaaahi Road. [There was time in 2015-2016 that we have the FIRST FRIDAY of the month in which the Grace Bible Group was actively participating but due to scheduling and other priorities, we suspended for the meantime---Thanks to Suzie Deblois and group]
B. Adopt a Highway Litter Control ------this quarterly activity to clean up by OFCC/UFCH, et al.
1. Kalihi street. .A two-mile stretch from Nimitz Hwy up to split Kalihi/Likelike Hwy to Kula Kolea Rd. towards the Wilson tunnel. We collected about 15-20 bags of trash each quarter with approximately 15-20 volunteers each time. KALIHI also popularity called ‘FILIPINO TOWN’ being most Filipinos are predominant part of the population in this beautiful district. Where most lawmakers with Filipino decents live, like Alcon, Abinsay, Mina, Cachola, Manahan, others.
2. Farrington Hwy--- Waipahu. 2 mile stretch from Waipahu Depot Rd up to Waiawa Interchange at the entrance of the Leeward Community College----The Samahang Ilocano International [CIASI] is the caretaker by the leadership of Mr. Noli Butay and his group. This Waipahu also known as another “Filipino Town”-
A. January-March 2014-------Oahu Filipino Council---Champion for the Quarter by the Becker Communications and the DOT/Highway Division – for Kalihi Street Clean up.
B. February 22, 2017 ----Oahu Filipino Council ----Certificate of Recognition for Community Service Award from City Council by Honorable Joey Manahan. [in attendance awarding: Amado, Jean, Jesse, Melinda, Isabel, Espie, Lory] at the Council Chamber.
C. September 15 2017-----Samahang Ilocano International ---Champion for the Quarter by Becker Communications and DOT/Highway Division – for Farrington Hwy Clean up.

By ardent request restored by Mr. Charles Lee

Amado, as Chair and Coordinator closely worked with good relationship with Mr. Charles Lee, Kenneth Tseutch, Dawna Enomoto, Sheena Kalani, for many years now
Believe it or not, we are not alone doing all these dirty work. Whenever I visited other places like: first thing I want to see whether there is sign board along the highways ADOPT A HIGHWAY LITTER PROJECT. My eyes are not failed but satisfied. Places like: Kauai, Maui, Big Island, Molokai, Lanai, names of certain groups======Vancouver, Canada, Seattle, Kent, Washington, Viginia, Alaska, Skagway, Kitchikan, Juneau, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Rancho Cabungga, Califronia, Navasota, Texas. Las Vegas, others. Feel great as we are part of the MAKE AMERICA BEAUTIFUL PROGRAM.
OTHER PARTICIPANTS: either Feed or Adopt
Mr. Jun Abinsay
Mr. Joey Manahan
Mr. John Mizuno
Mr. Norman Sakamoto
Mr. Ben Cabreros

Weeful Program as I was first involved with the Lions Club International in 197, Waipahu Business Association with Oahu Sugar Company Community relations program with Mr. Cranky Watanabe , Hiroshi Yamashita and Amado Yoro

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