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AraminaTandulan, DIA
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Wet dreams (1st palkat)


Wet Dreams (1st Palkat)

Aramina P. Tandulan, DIA, DJ, Esq, LLB, BSChem

Chapter 1

Vanessa tugged at the draw strap of her bathrobe and she slowly disrobed, letting her bathrobe drop on the rug exposing her nakedness. She allowed her nakedness to be admired by her mirrors. She smiled at them and the mirrors returned her smile. They must be liking what they were seeing.

Satisfied, Vanessa stepped on to the bathtub and turned on the shower faucets, Hot and Cold, letting the water reach her desired temperature, she’d prefer a steamy shower but not scalding hot. Apparently, the steamy water would open her pores purging out the dirts that could cause skin blemishes. Toward the completion of her shower, she would shut the Hot Faucet allowing only the cold water to douse her for a brief moment to close her skin pores which she would moisturize after towel drying.

Vanessa slid the glass door enclosing her inside the shower/tub and she pulled the shower knob. She avoided the first burst of steamy water and slowly eased her face toward the shower stream. The steam slowly glazed the tiles, the sliding glass door and then the mirrors, blurring their view.

Her bathroom has two full-size mirrors which are positioned angularly. She would sometimes practice her walks and poses in her bathroom and the angled mirrors would tell her if her posture or turns are not perfect. They’d show her a view of her buttocks, whether a little in or scandalously protruding out. Vanessa is a model for a famous clothing line.

Although blurry, the mirrors could still see and watch Vanessa through the mist and the steamy sliding glass door, her every graceful move, the way she squeezed and poured her shampoo, the way she massaged her scalp, her gentle brushing of her hair with her fingers, how she pumped her liquid soap container and gently rubbing her two hands together to spread the liquid soap, how she soaped and lathered her neck, her shoulders, arms, underarms, moving slowly toward her chest…the mirrors could see that Vanessa had her eyes closed as she soaped and massaged her chest almost in slow motion as the steamy water stream sprayed and massaged her face, then as if driven by an unknown force, probably the G spo…ehhh, the G-force, her right hand slowly slid down her stomach, her fingers gently squeezing the taut but soft skin of her belly, and ignoring the watchful mirrors, Vanessa gently explored her wilderness.

The mirrors, with beads of steam sweat meandering down their smooth, like glazed-eyes surfaces could almost hear Vanessa’s soft moans which harmoniously hummed with the pulsating whish-whish of the shower spurts. But they could not really hear her because as ear-blind as they were, the mirrors were also mouth-blind, they couldn’t warn Vanessa about the bathroom door that slowly opened, the mirrors could not whisper to Vanessa that with the door ajar, a shadowy figure had also been watching her…


Sleep still seemingly elusive, Christine rested the novel that she was reading on her stomach making a mental note what page she’s at. It was easy to remember, she was at the beginning of chapter 1. She wiped the sweat that began to roll down her forehead. She wanted to write down the questions like ‘why the bathroom door was not locked…Vanessa forgot to lock…does it lock…or was it left intentionally unlocked’ but she did not have the inclination to get up, she could not ignore the stirring feeling that had slowly germinated inside her while reading the novel. That stirring feeling that led her to absentmindedly mirror Vanessa’s every move, she was not even aware that her left hand had been probing…

“OMG!!! HOY Judge Aramina…nia’t kukuaemon? What in the MasterBedroomTarnation are you doing!!! We are going to be late!!!”

“Hold your horses Honey Tandulski, I am coming.”

Disclaimer: This work of fiction is based on true events and confessions during my trials and tribulations, the names, places and events are slightly modified and altered not to sensationalize but to hide the true identities of the characters and any similarities to your real life experiences are purely accidental, co-incidental and un-intended, peks man, cross my heart and hope to die. Discretion is strongly advised as some readers might find the contents just a little suggestive.

Aramina P. Tandulan, DIA, DJ, Esq, LLB, BSChem ©2017

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