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John Viloria Cachola Jr.
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The man who gave me hope


Before He was born,
An angel appeared to His mother,
“But I don’t know any man,
I haven’t slept with any man”
She said.
“It’s the work of the Holy Spirit!"
The angel replied.

So she conceived.
And when she went to visit her cousin
Who was also carrying a child in her womb,
The child in her cousin’s womb moved!
As if it was saying, “It’s Him! It’s Him!”

Then she, whom the angel spoke to, gave birth
To a Son, a Son destined to change the world!
When He was still a baby, His parents, one day,
Brought Him to the Holy Man
And the Holy Man said,
“I have been waiting for this moment!
Now I am ready to die!”

Even as a small child,
Something was different in Him.
His parents lost Him one day
And when they found Him in the temple,
He said, “Don’t you know that I’m
Doing my Father’s business?”

Then He grew up into a Man
Preaching, teaching people
How to pray, simplifying God’s laws
In Moses’ time.
“Love God above all things
And love your neighbor
As you love yourself.”
His popularity rose tremendously
And the High Priests got scared of Him,
They accused Him of blasphemy,
But it was all about love of God
And love of man He was preaching!

One night, He was agonizing in the garden
While His friends slept.
He was in deep pain
Because He knew what was coming to Him.

With one kiss
And thirty pieces of silver coins,
The soldiers took Him away.
They scourged Him,
They crowned Him with thorns,
They forced Him to carry a heavy wooden cross.

All these things happened
Almost two thousand years ago,
But I still see Him up there
Nailed on the cross.
I see blood coming out of His wounds!
I see blood on His hands, His feet, His head, His knees,
His side pierced with a lance profusely bleeding!
I see Him breathe His last breath!

On bended knees, bitterly I weep
“What have I done? What have I done?"
And ask for His forgiveness.

He dies but he comes back to life.
I am one among the huge crowd
Watching Him in dazzling white
Rise into Heaven!

There's smile on my face,
There's hope in my heart.
Now I know I will be saved,
Because when I die I know
Where my soul will go!

Copyright, April 2017
John V. Cachola, Jr.

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