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Wet dreams (9th palkat)


Wet Dreams (9th Palkat)

Aramina P Tandulan, DIA, DJ, Esq, LLB, BSChem

Note: Title is supposed to be ‘Sweet Dreams’ as explained in 2nd Palkat.

You have eyes, but you cannot see
-Jesus Christ

“Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock…”

Disclaimer: This work of fiction is based on true events and confessions during my trials and tribulations. Names, places, and events are slightly modified and altered not to sensationalize but to hide the true personae and identities of the characters and any similarities to your real life experiences are purely accidental, co-incidental, and unintended. Peks man, cross my heart and hope to die. Discretion is strongly advised as some readers might find the contents just a little suggestive.

“Thanks cuzin Ron for coming, muah!”

“Glad we can help cuzin Alex, muah!”

“You remember F/Senior Inspector Edo, right cuzin Ron? You met him when we were at NYC.”

F/SI Edo and cuzin Ron shook hands.

“How can I forget, the two of you looked like a perfect couple. Wedding bells soon?”

F/SI Edo and F/SI Alex looked at each other and both shook their heads smiling sheepishly.

“We are just friends cuzin Ron, I was not able to bring him to your wedding two years ago, he went to a planned vacation in Mt Kilimanjaro with his sexy gelpren Detective Precious H. Polito. You must have seen her at the parking lot base, she’s with Detective Charlie.”

Cuzin Ron is Doctor Rondildo d’B. Cuyegyeg, Obstetrician-Gynecologist. He uses ‘d’B.’ as his middle initials while F/Senior Inspector Alexandria Dario uses ‘D’ for her mother’s maiden surname, d’Baterea. Her mother, Ruth d’Baterea Dario is sister to Dr Ron’s mother, Attorney Magdalena d’Baterea Cuyegyeg.

F/SI Edo looked around the room they have occupied at the 42nd floor, their staging area. He was somewhat mesmerized by the gun being lugged by the tall Ukrainian blond bombshell introduced to him as Doña Ana Rosalea. How can she be carrying a machine gun, an M60, Edo thought, she’s almost as soft and delicate as Taylor Swift. F/SI Edo sighed, the irony of life. As ironic as Doña Ana Rosalea being married to the diminutive Don Huan the B&G tech, a member of Dr. Ron’s medical team. Ironic or metaphoric, like the petite and smallish Ariana Grande, smallish but grande, who performed 'grandeously' after the Manchester attack.

Cuzin Ron’s wife, Alysa G. Aguilar aka Kumander Lady Ag-Ag along with Doña Ana Rosalea were studying the building blueprints that were handed to them by Colonel Gingkgo Talunasan. Drone Specialist Abdul B. Markuzim tinkered with his newest D.S. gadget, almost like a hand-held Nintendo D.S. which he uses to control his drone that is equipped with a remote-sensing body-heat detector, a Super Infrared Poly-Achromatic Transductor or simply called S.I.R.P.A.T. SIRPAT was specially designed by Abdul B. Markuzim D.S. to locate distressed women. Nurse Norida was looking out the window making sure the drone hovered near the 44th floor.

Nurse Norida is Abdul’s wife and Dr. Ron’s nurse partner in UN Medical Center maternity ward in New York City where Dr Ron had already performed hundreds of birthing procedures. She was also Don Huan de Markus’ former co-worker in a geriatrics hospital in NYC where Don Huan was the B & G Technologist, Boobs and Gynecology Tech.

Apparently, according to Nurse Norida, Don Huan was well loved by the octogenarians at the geriatrics hospital because of his smooth and soft hands when performing his job. Nurse Norida would sometimes tell the story about one octogenarian woman who would always offer Don Huan almond seeds in a bowl, Don Huan would take one almond seed each day but never questioned why the almond seeds were soft. What Don Huan noticed was Nurse Norida giggling each time Don Huan takes one. One day, Don Huan pulled Nurse Norida inside his closet and asked her what was so funny each time. Well, Don Huan, Nurse Norida whispered, I think you have already developed a strong bond with your octogenarian friend because the almond seeds she’s feeding you were initially coated with chocolate, your patient can’t chew the almond seeds because she wears false teeth so she saves the seeds in her bowl after suckling or sucking the chocolate coating. Don Huan apparently fainted and Nurse Norida had to perform a CPR to resuscitate him.

Col. Gingkgo Talunasan is the team leader of the Delta 6, a specialized Philippine Army/Navy Counter-Insurgency/Terrorism force, or PANCIT force. His other five team members were positioned at the base of the stairwell leading to the 43nd floor waiting for the breach instructions.

Dr Ron’s erpat, or father, the Judge JC is the designated negotiator. Judge JC is Judge Jesus Cuyegyeg, judge of the living and the dead, dead because he sometimes adjudicates and settles cases for people who die during their court proceedings. He was chosen to negotiate with the hostage-takers because he successfully negotiated the surrender of the IS-IS attackers during the stand-off at O.K. Kural, Octavio Kabatu-an’s Kural in Nueva Vizcaya.

Meanwhile, Christine was keeping a keen eye on the pair of eyes which seem to glow brighter each time the clouds would momentarily cover the sun limiting the amount of daylight that would seep through the window and through the rain inside her room. If I don’t drown, Christine thought, this serpent might squeeze and constrict me like a boa constrictor and eat me. Is this really my end, Christine mused, am I ready to meet my creator? Am I ready to be judged? Christine again prayed her own version of a prayer, imploring for salvation, give me a sign Dear God, she whispered.

Christine remembered what her mother said before her 23rd birthday, I named you after Him, Christine, don’t forget to attend the mass or say your prayers. Christine can’t remember the last time she attended the mass. Probably it was the third Sunday of June last year, she muttered, it was a Sunday to celebrate BBC, no, not the British Broadcasting, but the Body and Blood of Christ.

So many changes in the Catholic mass, she muttered, hard to keep up with the changes… first, I have to learn to pause when praying the Holy Mary part of the Hail Mary; Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us, sinners now and… Christine realized she was ‘nakarkarabasa’, or had misstepped when everybody paused after ‘sinners’, there was a distinguishable break between ‘sinners’ and ‘now’. When did that change, Christine muttered, I thought it goes like; pray for us sinners now and.... Then she noticed the hand gestures of several people each time the Priest does a hand gesture, the Our Father with the hands palm up, or holding hands with their companion(s) instead of palms up, the bowing of head after some words during singing, or praying, apparently, Christine again mused, there are instructions in the Sunday Missal when to bow your head in which line of the prayer or incantation…

Mom, Christine complained to her mother after the mass, the mass was so confusing, like a tangled web, just like what Karm used to say:

Kasla kulku-kulkol a cassette tape ni Sharon Cuneta.

Meanwhile, in the staging area at the 42nd floor, “Not working, the heat signatures are not being detected by SIRPAT, too much water, the heat is getting dampened or attenuated.” Abdul’s voice sounded exasperated.

“Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock…”

“We are running out of time Alex, we have to turn off the water sprinklers at the 44th floor,” Edo pointed at the gadget screen, “it appears the fire in Christine’s section is under control.”

F/SI Alex radioed the base and gave specific instructions on how to turn off the valves for the 44th floor water sprinklers.

Christine’s heart seemed to stop beating, “OMG, the rain has stopped! Hallelujah! My prayers are being answered! This is a sign of my salvation!”

Meanwhile, Abdul’s heart seemed to stop beating too, “Allahu Akbar! I can see heat signatures!”

Almost everyone gathered around Abdul. Alex and Edo were mesmerized by the imagery, they have not seen anything like it before. Nurse Norida took a closer look at the gadget screen, “Is that the head… of a serpent… a wet head… Dr Ron, take a look at that!”

Dr Ron’s eyes glittered, he had performed birthing to hundreds of babies, he had seen and studied almost thousands of ultrasound images, his eyes couldn’t be deceived, “Nurse Norida, I can see it clearly…that’s not a wet head of a serpent… that’s a … wet pussy… OMG!”

Meanwhile, Christine was also looking at what her would-be saviors were deciphering. The owner of the pair of eyes is definitely a serpent, she muttered, but wait… unless this serpent was chopped, it is a little short for a serpent…

The clouds cleared momentarily providing more sunlight inside Christine’s room, OMG! Christine muttered excitedly, now I can see God’s other sign of my salvation! No, definitely that is not a serpent… but a… wet pussy… cat?

“Christine… Christine…”

“OMG! A talking wet pussycat!”

Aramina P Tandulan, DIA, DJ, Esq, LLB, BSChem ©2017

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