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Monica Smith
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Jamaican jerk chicken


Before traveling to Jamaica, I heard about jerk chicken and how good it is. So, upon arriving at Grand Bahia Príncipe Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, I decided to have lunch at the barbecue by the beach, where they cooked up fresh jerk chicken daily. Maybe my expectations were set too high by all the hype, but after tasting it, I have to say there is nothing special about it.

As it happened, I took a tour to Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios, and the tour guide (Lady D of Jamaican Travel Ltd.) told us that jerk chicken is not an authentic Jamaican dish. Jamaicans, she explained, actually eat cow skin, oxtail, and goat. She also said that goat is only serve for special occasion like birthdays, and wedding as it cost $400 to $600 for just one goat.

So when you travel to Jamaica, please do not be afraid to try cow skin, goat, oxtail, dasheen (nakelnet nga bagas ti aba) and cho-cho (sayote). All of these was served at buffet in Grand Bahia Príncipe Resort. Not only that, but in all my travels this was the only resort that served exotic fruits, like Chico, Guyabano, Makopa, green and purple Kaimito, Jackfruit and bread fruit. They also had Mango and makopa trees are all over the resort.

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Johnnyric Domingo7/19/2017 11:29:44 PMAgparamankayo man ta jerk chicken la, suktakto Wainohia chico kadi.5
John Viloria Cachola Jr.7/16/2017 6:13:23 PMWow,retired at 50? You must have saved a lot of dinero while you were still working! Smart woman, very smart! There are some people I know who are still working past their retirement age!

You did the right thing- "quitting" your job and enjoying life while you're still young,strong and healthy. I hope you're funny in person because life is short for those who take life seriously. What's the use of your dinero if you're already six feet underground?

I like your style of writing. I always love reading your articles here in this Iluko website- fiction or non-fiction. It's just "unfortunate" that you don't post your articles here more often.

I miss you too even though- as you said- we've never met in person. Oh, yes, someday we will...and that will be one of my happiest days in my life because I will be seeing in person one of the good writers - if not the best- here in

In case you're interested- my e-mail address:
Monica Smith7/15/2017 10:17:18 PMCorrections from previous article:
1. according to my journal it took only half an hour to Tocumen International Airport, Panama, not an hour.
2. After checking in to best western at 1:00 AM, we had an early breakfast at Denny's in the lobby of the hotel.

Manong Eduardo, advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

John Viloria Chachola Jr. Is it even appropriate to say to you "I miss you too", even though we've never met? :) To answer some of your question, I'm turning 50 in the fall and I am officially retired (yay for me, patting myself on the back). I have been busy doing a lot of nada, some Netflix binge watching, quilting, traveling....