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Roumie Mendoza Cabasal
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Iti us-usto a rigat ti agbirbiruk iti trabaho ita nga panawen.


The job market is terrible! News reports say the job market has improved, but for whom? I see many large companies re-posting the same vacancies. Yet there are so many qualified people looking for jobs. In between is the applicant tracking system with a lot of buzz words, categories and filters that don’t work.

Recruiters, Hiring managers quit looking for the "perfect candidate." Most people can't fit the narrow parameters of a linear career. Just maybe, if you stop eliminating the "overqualified" and those with an "employment gap" you would be able to find the right candidate. Sometimes you need to take a chance on a person. If you have someone with the skill set to do the job, who possess good qualities and fits in with the team -- hire them. So tired of companies claiming they can't find qualified people. While the process of seeking the best talent has become a lazy process. There is too much reliance on a computer programme. 

Nothing can replace human interactions. There are no short cuts when hiring qualified personnel, you have to do the work. Agree?

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