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Kalis Marco S, M.R.B
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Kara kruz: sins of desire (5th palkat)


Kara Kruz: Sins of Desire (5th palkat)

Kalis Marco S, M.R.B.

Marahil ang pag ibig ay hindi tumitingin sa katayuan ng buhay

-Marian Rivera, Amaya, episode 34

Part V, Da Formula 5

Disclaimer: This work of fiction is based on true events and confessions during tita Judge Aramina’s trials and tribulations. Names, places, and events are slightly modified and altered not to sensationalize but to hide the true personae and identities of the characters and any similarities to your real life experiences are purely accidental, co-incidental, and unintended. Peks man, cross my heart and hope to die. Discretion is strongly advised as some readers might find the contents just a little offensive.

(apparently, I have to keep it non-erotic, non-explicit, and non-wet dreamy, tita Judge Aramina can only hope)

Makulimlim ang latag na gayak ng kalangitan. Parang… ikinakait ang sikat-araw
(parang noong mga nakaraang araw…madilim)

Paano pa yayabong ang mga pananim
Paano mamumulaklak ang mga halaman
Anong talulot ang dadampian, hahagkan ng hamog
Saan sisimsim, sisipsip
Susupsop ng nektar ang mga bubuyog
Mga pukyutan

“O my God Kal-EL, you are such a drama princess!” Alma giggled, again pointing at the laptop screen..


“Of course Kal-EL, the plants will still grow and flower; the dew will still have leaves to kiss and wet. The bees, the wasps, and the hornets will still have nectar to suck because the sun will shine tomorrow. The sky is dark because it is night time here in Naga City you silly goose.”

Ha? She’s right, I mumbled, we are at the other side of the earth, we are not in Princeton where it is day time now. I learned that in IB-Daycare.

“And, there was only one Merchant of Venice according to Shakespeare, not merchants. And Kal-EL, why are you suddenly writing in Tagalog? You even quoted tita Marian? Someone might say you are a copycat, a

gaya-Gaya puto-Amaya

hi-hi-hi, got it, ha, Kal-EL?”

I wanted to giggle too but this story is not a laughing-laughing joke-joke story. This is supposed to be a makabagbag-damdamin story, a tear-jerker:

Yang Tersayang
Don’t leave me my lab
You are my moon, my bituing
How do I live without you

“Ah, I know Kal-EL, you are trying to impress tita Marian R, or, probably… because of the title of your story, you are trying to impress ate Kyla Dela Cruz! Uuuuuuuuy!”

Hay Apu, how juvenile, I mumbled. And the title is not even the same as ate Kyla’s name.

Regarding the Merchants of Venice, I wanted to point that out too to apong Don Huan, but apparently, he plans still to write in his unpublished and unwritten book Unbridled but Infinitesimal Wisdom:

There should be several merchants, not just one, because monopoly is not healthy; no one person should hold absolute power, like a Rajah who could abuse that power.

Or a president.

Regarding tita Marian, tita Doña Ana Rosalea knew that apong Don Huan was obsessing at tita Marian so tita Ana used her M60 to 'persuade' apong Don Huan to marry her fearing that tita Marian might actually fall for apong Don Huan even though he is only a poor technician and a 'dugyot' according to tita Deborah Villon because it appears tita Marian, a famous personality is an equal opportunity lover when she said (in tagalog):

Love does not discern based on social and financial status…well, probably.

Tita Ana Rosalea feared tita Marian might actually fall for apong Don Huan when she discovered his plans to cajole tita Marian in his unpublished and unwritten book Unbridled but Infinitesimal Wisdom:

Oh Marian my lab
You might be someone’s Moon, or Star
But you are my Black Hole, sucking me in to your bottomless abyss

It was actually my mommy Miss Brenda who discovered an excerpt in tito Aramiro’s story that apong Don Huan obsessed at tita Marian too much that even when driving along Madison Avenue, apong Don Huan would see tita Marian in her bikini dancing chiquita cha-cha-cha in the middle of the street, as if apong Don Huan was bitten by tita Marian’s kobra, the venom momentarily paralyzing apong Don Huan’s brain causing a traffic logjam and raising the ire of the other drivers:

Move it! Paking Paki!

Excerpt of an excerpt, Judge Aramina P Tandulan, Diosa ti Ayat (palkat 29) by tito Miron


Tulbek? Napidot ni Alma Morena diay tulbek ti lakasa ni hanik a naregreg ni hanik a kasla diay pannakapidut ni judge aramina kadaydiay naregreg ko a 4gig nga ipod ko a ti linaon na met laeng ket dagiti kankansion na a for personal listening plesyur met laeng?

(kendiay kansion ni jessica nga jay a chichiquita cha-cha-cha a no agdadrive kami idi idiay nyc ket isaksak ko met a diay ipod a 4gig idiay usb nga inlet ti kaset player diay minivan a lumina a pigsaak met a patugtugen no nakasardeng kami idiay stop light ti madison ave nyc tapno mangngeg met dagiti agbalballasiw diay kansion ni jj tapno agbilib da kadaydiay isteryo sistem ti minivan ta isu kano dayta ket ti pride en joy dagiti pilipino a taga-abroad, minivan ken isteryo sistem, pigsaak nga uray la ngarud apputen da hanik ken erica ken ni toyet a nakatugaw idiay booster seat na, apputen da diay lapayag da tapno madi da matitileng)

(nga amak ko idi ket baka mailayon a maregreg diay matintinnag a driverside a sideview mirror nga in-duct tape ko lang ta kinnan metten ti lati diay pangiroskasan, baka maregreg ta napigsa ti banugbog diay isteryo sistem ti lumina mi a rugakrugak)

(uray ko la ngarud a kasla maim-imadyin ni mis Marian nga Rivera nga aguleg-uleg nga agsalasala nga agpangato agpababa nga agkinnikinni a nakabikini idiay tingnga ti madison nga uray la aggemgemen nga agbusbusina dagiti drivers idiay likud mi a madik metten mangmangngeg ta kaslaak metten natukkaw ti kobra ni mis Marian nga uray la agbasbassawangen dagiti drivers ta green light ngaruden:

move it!!! paking paki!!!

a madik ammo no ampay nga inawagannak ti ‘effing paki’ diay racist a nognog a driver)


Ups, Sorry, I digressed too much again.

Enihu, after her performance and a few speeches and other performances from other participants, tita Detective Precious H. Polito approached tita Lara Mae Dario Garcia.

“Have you seen Edo, Lara Mae?” Tita Lara shook her head. “How about Alexandria?” Again, tita Lara Mae shook her head as she spoke:

“The last time I saw my cuzin Alexandria was when she was hugging Kal-EL way back in palkat Season Premiere… they were hugging so tightly as if they were boypren and gelpren.” Tita Precious and tita Lara Mae giggled.

(juveniles, I thought to myself)

Then tita Precious looked at our direction, “Kal-EL, Alma, have you seen Edo? And Kal-EL, aren’t you supposed to be with your tita Alex? How did you lose a woman?”

Alma and I looked at each other. Then Alma giggled and announced:

“Probably Kal-EL neglected to shower tita Alex with love and affection.” The three of them laughed. Juveniles, I mumbled to myself. Then Alma told tita Precious and tita Lara Mae that tito Edo and tita Alex went to the hills.

Tita Precious, with a hint of jealousy in her voice spoke:

“What are they doing up the hills, fetching a pail of water?”

Tita Lara Mae wanted to laugh, but she noticed the sarcasm and jealousy in tita Precious’ voice so she decided to stay quiet.

“They followed a suspicious-looking hunchback tita Precious, about an hour ago.” Alma described the hut and the Alukon Tree near a boulder of rock.

Tita Lara Mae and tita Precious looked at each other. They might be wondering how Alma knew where they went.

“But they are not back yet.” Tita Precious’ worried voice crackled and faded. “Would you be able to show us the place Alma?” Alma nodded.

Tita Lara Mae held my hand as we followed tita Precious and Alma. Tita Precious pointed at a vehicle, “we better use my rented traysikel, it is quite dark.”

The traysikel is two-seater so tita Lara Mae had to saklot me, I had to sit on her lap and she had to wrap her arms around me. After a few minutes of driving with Alma giving the directions, we arrived at the place where tita Alexandria and tito Edo saw the Veiled and the Beautiful Binukot woman. Tita Precious turned off the traysikel engine.

“EDO! ALEX!” Tita Precious’ voice thundered on the hills.

“EDO! ALEX!” the hills echoed back, then silence. Only the singing of the crickets sliced through the silence of the night.

“Are you sure this is the right place Alma?”

“Yes tita Precious. That is the big boulder of rock…and the tall Alukon tree…”

Alma glanced at me, I glanced back at her. Something was terribly wrong. Tita Alexandria and Tito Edo were nowhere to be seen… and the hut…

“But Alma,” tita Precious’ voice crackled as she panned her 5,000,000 candle power spotlight,

“where is the hut?”

Kalis Marco San, M.R.B. ©2018

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