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Kalis Marco S, M.R.B
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Kara kruz: sins of desire (7th palkat)


Kara Kruz: Sins of Desire (7th palkat)

Kalis Marco S, M.R.B.

Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the mercedes bends
-Eagles, Hotel California

Part V, Da Formula 5

Disclaimer: This work of fiction is based on true events and confessions during tita Judge Aramina’s trials and tribulations. Names, places, and events are slightly modified and altered not to sensationalize but to hide the true personae and identities of the characters and any similarities to your real life experiences are purely accidental, co-incidental, and unintended. Peks man, cross my heart and hope to die. Discretion is strongly advised as some readers might find the contents just a little offensive.

(apparently, I have to keep it non-erotic, non-explicit, and non-wet dreamy, tita Judge Aramina can only hope)

Whatever I learned from Professor Sally, our daycare titser at UP-IB, University of Prinston-International Baccalaureate, a San Veda University grad, classmate of tita Judge Aramina, tita Mayora Annette, tito Mayor Aramiro, and tita Atty Magdalena, whatever I learned from her, I’d say it worked because I was able to post this 7th palkat.

(although some people thought kindergarden would be the place to learn all the skills you need to survive in this jungle called life)

(including tito mayor Aramiro who did not get any kindergarden schooling when he was a little boy, but apparently he enrolled in junior kindergarden when their firstborn daughter Anne Marie enrolled in junior kindergarden)

(well, he said he needed the PhD in Kindergarden credentials to become a better municipal mayor, but tita Judge Aramina suspected tito Aramiro just wanted to keep an eye on ate Anne Marie)

(it’s a jungle out there, tito Aramiro explained, the jungle gym in that kindergarden school is full of wild animals; me tarzan, you jane, let’s play tarzan-tarzan jane-jane ik-ik-ik)

“So, Kalis Marco San,” Professor Sally gently patted my left cheek while I was sitting on my stroller one morning, “before you can enroll in kindergarden, you have to successfully complete your 5000 words essay about your tita Ariana and the general laws to be able to survive kindergarden.”

(like the laws of thermodynamics, e.g., energy is neither destroyed nor created, or the Newton laws like that of gravitation, the law that Adam and Eve didn’t really learn in the kinderGarden of Eden, probably that’s why the apple boink them in their heads while they were under the forbidden apple tree)

(Serpent: pssst Adam, a lesson in Lean Six Sigma or something, just eat the lowest hanging apple fruit, you don’t have to reach for the high hanging apple, Eve has the lowest
Adam: but… that is forbidden
Serpent: what is really the point of creating that apple Adam if you can’t have it… that’s yours Adam, that’s why your great great great grandchildren will call it Adam’s apple
Adam: good point)

“And Kalis Marco San, you’d understand our lessons about the laws of thermodynamics if you stop staring at Tiffany, it will last longer you know if you just take her picture.”

Tifanny, the little blondie girl that the superman wannabe wanted to impress back in 2nd palkat, the one that massaged the wannabe superman’s butt.

(Tiffany is also tita Erika’s daughter’s name, although she is actually called ‘Stephanie’ according to her birth certificate, but ‘Tiffany’ seems easier to pronounce:

Kalis Marco San: It—it-tipani…bibi-gugu-gaga-hi-hi-hi

Tita Ariana: Oh, that’s the picture of the daughter of your tito Dr. Enrico Nga and tita Erika Nga…Tiffany

I was actually amazed how tita Ariana was able to recognize that the ‘p’ in my ‘It-it-tipani’ was ‘f’.

“Well, it was actually easy Kal-EL,” tita Ariana explained as she stroked my hair while I sat on her lap, her left arm around me so I wouldn’t fall, probably her right hand was trying to read my mind because she knew exactly what I was thinking, “Filipinos sometimes involuntarily pronounce ‘f’ as ‘p’, ‘v’ as ‘b’, and sometimes use ‘he’ and ‘she’ interchangeably.”

So, like tita Ariana named me Kal-EL, he named Stephanie ‘Tiffany’, daughter of tita Erika)

Enihu, I was not really staring at Tiffany the little blondie back in our daycare day. I was just amazed at how gullible she was, being taken by the antics of the superman wannabe. She really has a lot to learn to be able to survive kindergarden, I muttered to myself. But probably, titser Sally is correct, I mumbled to myself;

ars longa, vita brevis

Apparently, it was Hippocrates who made that oath.

Vita brevis. Life is short. You’ll never really know when your life might end. Like, being hit by lightning while under the alukon tree. It would be the alukon tree that would be hit by the lightning, you’d be just the collateral damage.

So, if I take a picture of little blondie, the picture would last longer. Ars longa. Like, after 90 years, she’d still look young and pretty every time I look at her picture. Hmn, good point, I silently agreed.

(probably that’s why apong Don Huan kept tita Pops Fernandez’ Bannawag picture or tita Deborah Snooky Villon’s picture, to remind him of the pretty women he had not gelprenized)

So I took out my smartphone that tita Ariana bought for me in our neighbor’s garage sale in Princeton. I aimed the smartphone at little blondie to take her picture and pressed a button:

“I love you, you love me”

What da…

My daycare classmates laughed while I frantically tried to find the stop button to silence Barney. Then I noticed the superman wannabe glaring at me. I was a little confused why he was so upset. Then I discovered why when I noticed little blondie, her tantalizing eyes looking at me, eyelashes batting, smiling so sweetly, like, how you’d say in ilocano:

‘makaregreg-diaper’ smile

…o my God, I thought to myself, the superman wannabe is jealous!

But I couldn’t really suppress my gladness, I didn’t really have to do any antics like dropping my diaper or fall from my stroller to catch little blondie’s attention.

“Hoy Kal-EL! Stop grinning!”


I rubbed my temporarily and momentarily blinded eyes from the flash. Alma was frantically waving her hand in front of my face.

“I think at this point of your story Kal-EL, it’s about time you introduce Kara Kruz! Is she your Supergirl like tita Kara Danvers, sister of tita Alexandra Danvers you quoted back in your season premiere? Or probably your Wonderwoman, or probably your Amaya…your Darna? Call her now so she can rescue us!”

Kalis Marco San, M.R.B. ©2018

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