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Kalis Marco S, M.R.B
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Kara kruz: sins of desire (9th palkat)


Kara Kruz: Sins of Desire (9th palkat)

Kalis Marco S, M.R.B.

Say something, I’m giving up on you
-Tita Lisa May Aguilar and Waswit cover, Say Something*

(*A Great Big World original)

Part V, Da Formula 5

Disclaimer: This work of fiction is based on true events and confessions during tita Judge Aramina’s trials and tribulations. Names, places, and events are slightly modified and altered not to sensationalize but to hide the true personae and identities of the characters and any similarities to your real life experiences are purely accidental, co-incidental, and unintended. Peks man, cross my heart and hope to die. Discretion is strongly advised as some readers might find the contents just a little offensive.

(apparently, I have to keep it non-erotic, non-explicit, and non-wet dreamy, tita Judge Aramina can only hope)


Apparently, according to my mommy Miss Brenda, hundreds if not thousands of books and quotes had already been written regarding communication and that communication is the key to a good and lusting…ehh lasting relationship.

“Really, who communicated that to you?” My daddy Marco San asked while maneuvering our Toyota Sienna along the turnpike to pay his toll, we were coming back from NYC. It was a sizzling-hot day in July last year, we were in the middle of a heat-wave, probably an arizona desert vortex. I was at the border of sleep and non-sleep, sitting on my carseat booster. I was in and out of sleep because once in a while, I’d be startled by my mommy’s laughter:

“Ha-ha-ha! So if tata Don Huan had actually said something to Miss Taken Erika, They’d be the ‘Don Huan and Doña Erika’ today instead of ‘Don Huan and Doña Ana’!”

(I am not really sure if apong Don Huan’s mommy would be happy now if she learns about the high probability that tita Miss Taken could have potentially been Doña Erika:

apong Don Huan’s mommy: Nakkong, let me see your live-in gelpren’s picture…Wow! Is she Lady Di… wuhuuuu jackpot nakkong, goodbye bamboo nipa hut, forget about Malacañang Palace, Hello! Buckingham Palace!

Apong Don Huan: Mother, Princess Diana died a long time ago

Tita Doña Ana could just laugh when she learned about that coversation: I am just glad Kordapioh you did not turn into a Norman Bates)

“Ha-ha-ha! Miss Taken as Doña Erika…wait a minot Brenda San, you mean to say…”

“Yes Marco San, because… because Miss Taken confided that to Mayora Annette and Karm when they became business partners!”

“…and Karm confided that to you when you stayed in Karm’s house in Ilocos when Rosario left him because of his philandering, Brenda San?”

“Ha-ha-ha, no! Marco San, it was not Karm’s house really, it was actually manang Rosario’s house, and it was not Karm who told me, it was Mayora Annette.”

Apparently, my mommy Miss Brenda and tito Karm became close friends when tito Karm went to follow tita Annette in New York City where she lived, they met apparently in the heavens… my mommy Miss Brenda and tito Karm, well, tito Karm was a passenger on the airplane that my mommy Miss Brenda was the flight attendant.

And still apparently, Tito Karm and tita Annette met when tita Annette’s old boypren died, literally old because the old boypren was her former high school teacher. He died of massive heart failure apparently. Tita Annette stayed too in tita Rosario’s house because, well, she was not around to give tito Karm company so tita Annette and tito Karm shared the house that tita Rosario’s family built… and since December nights were cold, brrrr, they shared tita Rosario’s bed too, just to keep them warm of course.

“and Brenda San,” my daddy Marco San looked confused and bewildered after paying his turnpike toll, bewildered probably because he just parted with his money, my daddy Marco San is pure Ilocano, you know, “Rosario was okay with that… her attorney parents were fine with Mayora Annette sharing their house with their philandering ex-manugang Karm while Rosario was in Ukraine healing her wounds?”

“Well, Marco San, manang Rosario and Karm were technically separated that time, and Mayora Annette and Karm swore in front of Judge Aramina that nothing happened during those cold, cold nights…”

Tita Mayora Annette and tita Judge Aramina apparently were bestfriends way back when they were in SVU, San Veda University, Mendiola:

Mayor Aramiro: You Mean to say honey Judge Ara… Karm and Annette never did it

Judge Aramina: Karm swore they never danced the horizontal cha-cha

Mayor Aramiro: Well… how about the vertical cha-cha honey Ara… they can dance while standing you know, like, argentine tango… mayora Annette’s legs around Karm’s waist…


It was rare apparently that tita Judge Aramina would slap tito Aramiro’s arm outside the privacy of their bedroom.

“and Brenda San,” my daddy Marco San still looked confused, probably thinking like tito Aramiro, “do you believe nothing really happened between Mayora Annette and Karm during those cold, looooong, lonely nights?”

“Ha-ha-ha Marco San, Karm is a real gentleman, he swore to Judge Aramina they slept together back-to-back, agkabukot…”


“Prooooooooooot pot pot pot!”

“OMG! That motorcycle engine is badly in need of a major tune-up!” tita Lara Mae exclaimed while she fixed my arms around her shoulders; she was still carrying me on her bukot or back, I adjusted my legs around her waist.

The traysikel driven by Deacon Karl Marks stopped a few meters from the rock. Tita Geneticist Elisa and their son Topet along with Tiffany (Stephanie) were inside the sidecar.

Then a much bigger vehicle emerged, tita Mayora Annette’s Hummer being driven by her new boypren. Inside the Hummer were Deacon Karl Marks’ tia Sidni, tita Mayora Annette, tita Henrietta, tito Giancarlo wth his baseball bat, tita Erika, and tito Enrico the Judas Iscariote.

(Tita Elisa, tita Erika, tito Karl Marks the Deacon, and tito Enrico became good friends when tito Enrico and tita Erika joined tita Elisa and tito Karl Marks in their humanitarian mission: tito Enrico would provide his medical services and tita Erika would provide food and medical supplies for the poor)

(Tita Ana Rosalea and apong Don Huan made medical contributions through their HuHa Pharmacy in Kailukuan which is being managed now by the Karmanet SariSari Store enterprise)

Tia Sidni, tito Karl Marks’ aunt, fixed her fedora hat and began to study the rock. “She does look like the Relic Hunter Sydney Fox,” Tita Precious mumbled to herself. Then suddenly, Tia Sidni swirled her whip over her head ala Indiana Jones, a buntot-page kullayot or whip which apparently could turn into a serpent ala Moses’ wooden cane. Then Tia Sidni snapped her whip near the ‘SW’ initials making a loud snapping sound: SNAP!

Then Tia Sidni’s whole body began to shake, her eyes rolled up until her eyes’ pupils disappeared, and she began to incantate:

"Ho-hum bagasum milagrosum molybdenum ferrum catalyticum embalsamadorum formaldehydum uuuum"

Then Tia Sidni snapped her whip again toward the empty space where the nipa hut with the hunchback and the veiled and the beautiful woman was supposed to be, then Tia Sidni spoke:

I see…there is… a mole… initials… MH…

“MH,” I mumbled to myself. Where have I seen those initials... then I remembered:

Tita Ariana in my walk-in closet in Princeton NJ, I was inside my playpen, she was sitting on the floor like… like Tita Sensei Jessica Henwick in a yoga position, her white handkerchief spread on the floor, her ring near the southwest edge of her handkerchief… near the initials MH… that I initially thought was tita Miss Henrietta… but…

Suddenly, there was a smell of embalming fluid. I could feel tita Lara Mae’s nape hair stiffened on my left cheek. Then my own hair on my nape stiffened, not because of the smell of the embalming fluid, but because of what Tia Sidni had just said:

There is a mole…

A spy?

A spy with initials MH…

Mata Har…

OMG! Tita Ariana Siddiqi is a spy!

Kalis Marco San, M.R.B. ©2018

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