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Kalis Marco S, M.R.B
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Kara kruz: sins of desire (13th palkat)


Kara Kruz: Sins of Desire (13th palkat)

Kalis Marco S, M.R.B.

Kaw Kaw
Woof Woof
Keh Keh Keh Keh
Woof Woof

You can run into my arms
It’s okay, don’t be alarmed
Come into me
There’s no distance in between our love
(-Detective Precious H. Polito featuring Old Pug da rapping dog, Umbrella* cover)

(*Umbrella, Rihanna original)

Part V, Da Formula 5

Disclaimer: This work of fiction is based on true events and confessions during tita Judge Aramina’s trials and tribulations. Names, places, and events are slightly modified and altered not to sensationalize but to hide the true personae and identities of the characters and any similarities to your real life experiences are purely accidental, co-incidental, and unintended. Peks man, cross my heart and hope to die. Discretion is strongly advised as some readers might find the contents just a little offensive.

(apparently, I have to keep it non-erotic, non-explicit, and non-wet dreamy, tita Judge Aramina can only hope)

Confession is good for the soul
-An old proverb

“So Kal EL,” Alma pushed further, “another Aguilar eh, Christine Aguilar… or… probably this is just another misdirection away from tita Precious and tito Charlie S hugging, hmn, a distraction, a smoke screen, a red herring… something’s fishy.”

Well, probably the red herring is not fresh anymore, I thought to myself. But tita Lara Mae is right, I mumbled, it is a little awkward, a little love triangle in the making… just like tito Otep and tita Andeng in Hiram na Ala-ala (Memories of Love):

Andeng: Oh Otep, don’t be angry, you are my wan-en-onli, pramis, cross my heart and hope to die

Otep: And why did you spend the whole night in the planetarium with Ivan, just the two of you… whispering in the dark… after… after his marriage proposal to Bethany… aminemon Andeng! Confess

Andeng: Ahu-hu-hu, oh Otep my lab, awan, nothing happened, as the stars are my witness, the moon, the clouds…

Bethany: Kasla kay la agballa nga agbagtit a duwwa! You two have real serious issues! TSE, ditayon, you can have Ivan! I am going back to my wan-en-only Paeng!

Speaking of tita Precious, apong Don Huan plans to write in his yet to be published and to be written book Unbridled but Infinitesimal Wisdom, my titser Madam Cory once said “treasure what is precious to you, always keep your precious treasure close to your heart.”

Apparently, for the next few years after drawing Tibz’ image while in grade one, apong Don Huan kept his drawing inside his shirt’s front pocket to ensure Tibz would always be close to his heart… well, at least his drawing. He’d place his drawing under his pillow, a rolled langgutsi or burma sack hoping he’d dream of Tibz and likewise, Tibz would dream of him… their moments under their umbrella, their balay-balay or house-house:

There’s no distance in between our love, under our umbrella, ella ella, eh-eh-eh, ala eh, nagragsak dagitoy a kanito tan darling

The young Apong Don Huan was actually not sure how it would really work because Tibz was 1000 far away in Hawaii, really a good distance from their ‘away’. I think Rihanna is lying, he would sometimes mumble to himself while trying to fall asleep, slapping the pesky lamoks or mosquitoes once in a while.

Apong Don Huan’s only problem was he’d sometimes forget to remove his drawing from his shirts’ pocket so it would get wet everytime his mother washed his shirts. To preserve his drawing, he placed it inside his baul, or lakasa, or wooden chest proclaiming ‘this wooden chest is an extension of my own chest’ so technically, apong Don Huan rationalized, Tibz or her image is still near my heart.

Of course, when he went to university, his mommy purchased a pitaka or wallet for him, so apong Don Huan then placed Tibz image inside his wallet. Then another problem, apong Don Huan thought, he did not have an ‘amerikana’ or suit to wear, no breast pocket to put his wallet to make sure his drawing would be close to his heart. So like every one else in the Philippines, he’d carry his wallet inside his pant’s back pocket. Sometimes apong Don Huan would chuckle because Tibz was not actually close to his heart but instead she was nearer his as… never mind.

“Ehem.” Deacon Karl Marks’ auntie Sidni patted tita Precious’ shoulder lightly. Tita Precious, who ran into tito Charlie’s arms and gave him a hug, a very tight hug which seemed to last like… eternity, sheepishly detached herself from tito Charlie, “sorry.”

“You have Edo’s picture?”

Apparently, Tia Sidni the sorcerer, the mammuyon, Deacon Karl Marks’ auntie, has the ability to communicate with the missing person through its picture.

Tita Ana Rosalea actually had asked Tia Sidni the sorcerer to find Tiburcia Landesa while they were vacationing in Vista Hill Bayombong… just to stop Apong Don Huan’s incessant googling of Tibz. Apong Don Huan reluctantly gave Tibz’ drawn picture to Tia Sidni. Tia Sidni tried to buyon-buyon Tibz’ whereabout but was not successful. Then Tia Sidni tried again while they were in Richmond Hill, during tita Ana and apong Don Huan’s wedding, (hmn, from Vista Hill to Richmond Hill), but still, no Tibz. They tried again when they went to Chino Hills, tita Ana’s anti Krista’s place in California, but still, no Tibz. Then finally, they went to the actual hill in Dingras where the young apong Don Huan had captured the last Tibz’ image on his mind. But still, no Tibz. So, Tia Sidni had to declare:

“I think your stick figure of Tibz can’t connect with Tibz.”

“Here is Edo’s latest picture,” tita Precious handed her smartphone to Tia Sidni. Then Tia Sidni looked up the alukon tree where Police Chief Dewano Rock Dario was still hanging like a Christmas Tree decoration. The three tree decors were still trying to figure out how to extricate themselves from their parachute without falling hard to the ground.

“How about you Chief Rock,” Tia Sidni hollered, do you have a picture of Alexandria?”

Chief Rock shook his head.

“Wait, I have the latest picture of cuzin Alex,” tita Lara Mae handed her smartphone to Tia Sidni, it was a picture of tita Alexandria while hugging me earlier that evening, in the season premiere. I looked like the back of a baby monkey hanging on to tita Alexandria’s neck.

Tia Sidni placed the two smartphones on a crevice on the rock near the initials SW. Tita genetisis Elisa appeared to be mesmerized by the initials SW…probably she was trying to recall where she saw those initials before. Then Tia Sidni began to alaw-alaw:

“Ummmmmn, postpartum portaltum revealum Edum Alexandrium Ummmmn Alawum Edum Umnnn alawum Alexum.”

Then Tia Sidni the sorcerer did the la-aw la-aw, hollering toward the rock:

“Edoooooooooooooo! Alexandriaaaaaaaa! Wer art daw? Say Somting!”

Ha? Say Somting… OMG!

Suddenly, a feeling of guilt began to creep inside me… I forgot somting! I forgot to reassure my future gelpren tita Alexandria that I was not really giving up on her! That I was sorry I couldn’t go where she’s at! That I’d follow her anywhere if I were able to!

Then suddenly, the two smartphones glowed.

Idi kuan, and then, there were two voices:

“Tia Sidni! Is that you?!”

Ha? Spoken in perfect harmony, I mumbled to myself, like how tita Christina Aguilar, ehhh, tita Lisa May Aguilar and her waswit singing Say Something.

“Are those voices coming from inside the rock?” Tita Henrietta’s eyes were suddenly focused at the initials SW, just like tita Elisa.

“We are here! Tia Sidni! Is that you?!”

“OMG!” Tita Precious exclaimed.

“OMG!” Tita Lara Mae also exclaimed, “those voices… they are Edo’s and cuzin Alexandria’s!”

Kalis Marco San, M.R.B. ©2018

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