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Amado I. Yoro
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Iti nagan ken espiritu ti boluntario a panagserbi iti komunidad


Amado I. Yoro

Sika, siak ken dakayo, nagun-odtayo daytoy a pammadayaw iti United Filipino Council of Hawaii: Juan C. Dionisio, Sr. Lifetime Achievement Service Award a naangay iti Filipino Community Center Ballroom idi Nobiembre 2, 2018.

Dagitoy dagiti pagyamanak unay a kaduak iti lamisaan #14 #12

1. Isabel Rivera Phu – Sto. Domingo
2. Mr. Jesse Pascual – Divine Word College Alumni ----
4. Rose Sabangan-Cabugao –
5. Al Sabangan-Cabugao-
6. Thomas Quintos-Santiago-
7. Jenny Wang--Santiago -
8. Phyllis Miller – St Paul’s Church – Women of St. Pauls-
9. Emma Valdez- St Paul’s Church-Chairperson-Board of Advisors—
10. Jannette Agustin – St. Pauls’ 2nd Princess -
11. Dolly Willing---Annak Sinait/Sinait Alumni
12. David Willing-Annak Sinait/Sinait Alumni

1. Rev Canon Randolph VN Albano, St. Paul’s Church Vicar
2. ILORETA FAMILY: Hermie Iloreta Gaspar & family
3. 50th State Poultry HOKU BBQ CHICKEN – Mr. Evan Uezu
4. St. Paul’s Church Bible Study/Sharing Group
5. Laymen of St. Paul’s Church and officers Marcelo Acopan, Jr., Noli Butay, Danilo Duldulao, Rodel Dureg, Lino Palaroan, Adviser/Consultant Amado Yoro, Fr. Randy Albano
6. Women of St. Paul’s Church and officers Phyllis Miller, Maribel Duldulao, Fay De Jesus, et al
7. Divine Word College of Laoag College Alumni Assn of Hawaii Mr. Jesse Pascual, president; officers: Gil Dahilig, Esther Pascual, Cora Salvador, Rose Calip, Estelita dela Cruz, Art Abinsay, Linda Abinsay, Edna Tamayo, et al
8. Annak ti Sinait Iti Hawaii/Sinait Alumni and officers: Gus Concepcion, Romulo Basuel, Hermie Gaspar, Bill Gaspar, Antonio Ipalari, Ophelia Basuel, Dolly Willing, David Willing, Rogelio/angelita Idica, Annalisa Braceros Mateo, Eliezer Lived, et al

THANK YOU TO ALL ============ESPECIALLY these, I considered outstanding in terms of the UFCH/OFCC SPECIAL PROJECTS I am involved with, as Chairman---Monthly report was submitted to OFCC for the record and for file/reference
Top 32 outstanding community volunteers from July 1, 2014 ending Aug 31, 2018
[at least participated more than 4x a year] with their free time, commitment, availability, attendance] Alpha order
1. Abinsay, Art - Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates
2. Acopan, Jr. Marcelo –Saint Paul’s Church & Episcopal Philippine Independent Church
3. Aganon, Abigail -Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates
4. Aganon, Tessie-Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates
5. Badua, Espie - Cebuano Club of Hawaii/BCHA
6. Bru, Eleanor – Bulacan Circle of Hawaii & Associates
7. Bumanglag, Meledrina - Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates
8. Butay, Noli - Samahang Ilocano International
9. Dumag, Peter, Rev. – Sto Domingo Organization of Hawaii
10. Farinas, Armi –Magsingal Association of Hawaii
11. Formoso, Imelda Ulangca –Magsingal Association of Hawaii
12. Frances Nosis –Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates [Youth Group]
13. Jeremiah, Jean – Filipinos Organization.Hawaii
14. Lee, Lory Barroga – volunteer- no organization
15. Malacas, Noble - volunteer-no organization
16. Pablo, Cynthia - Vigan Association of Hawaii
17. Pascual, Jesse P, Mr.- Divine Word College of Laoag College Alumni Association of Hawaii
18. Peirson, Luz- Bulacan Circle
19. Phu, Isabel Rivera - Sto Domingo Organization of Hawaii
20. Quines, Adeline – Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates
21. Quintos, Thomas – Santiaguenians Association of Hawaii
22. Ruckmann, Samya, Ms – Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates [Youth Group]
23. Sabangan, Al –Cabugao Sons and Daughters Association of Hawaii
24. Sabangan, Rose- Cabugao Sons and Daughters Association of Hawaii
25. Santiago, Angie – Bulacan Circle/UFCH
26. Tapat, Edith - Annak Ti Sinait Iti Hawaii
27. Tapat, Roger - Annak ti Sinait Iti Hawaii
28. Valdez, Vilma-Hawaiian Properties, Ltd.
29. Vergara, Rev. Alex - Oahu Filipino Community Council
30. Villaruz, Danny - Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii
31. White, Maria Cristina - Santiaguenians Association of Hawaii
32. Witeck, John -Bulacan Circle of Hawaii & Associates/UH
1. Annak Ti Sinait Iti Hawaii-Gus Concepcion, president
2. Bulacan Circle of Hawaii & Associates-Angie Santiago, president
3. Cabugao Sons & Daughters Association of Hawaii- Myrna Peralta, president
4. Cathedral of St. Theresa- Isabel Rivera Phu, volunteer
5. Divine Word College of Laoag Alumni Assn of Hawaii-Mr. Jesse Pascual
6. Filipino Chamber of Commerce—reps: Espie Badua, Isabel Phu,
7. Filipino Organizations.Com Hawaii—Jean Jeremiah- Executive Director
8. Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii-Loida Yamamoto, president
9. Magsingal Association of Hawaii, Imelda Ulangca Formoso
10. Samahang Ilocano International, Joe Quibuyen, president; Noli Butay, incharge Adopt a Hwy Waipahu
11. Santiaguenians Association of Hawaii-Thomas Quintos, president
12. Sinait National High School Alumni assn of Hawaii- Romulo Basuel, president
13. St. Paul’s Church Episcopal Philippine Independent Church- Rev. Canon Randolph VN Albano
14. Sto Domingo Organization of Hawaii - Isabel Rivera Phu, president
15. Vigan Association of Hawaii & Associates- Teresita Fallet Aganon, president

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